“Sixty years of courageous trip around the sun for Mr. Jun Bande — the wise businessman; a passionate philanthropist; a romantic husband to his wife; an inspiration to his subordinates; and most especially, a warm-hearted father to his three children. Yes, this spectrum of life accomplishments of him molded Jun into becoming the strong person he is today. Despite the predicaments and setbacks he faced in his early years, Jun Bande decided to thrive hard and paved his way on top and thus achieved the life he only used to dream of — truly a blueprint of what a real accomplished man should be.”

Few Days earlier…


The sun rose upon the excitement of Blueprint last Saturday of June 9. Busy steps and cheery chattering were heard in the office perimeter as the people of Blueprint gear up in preparation for the highly anticipated birthday escapade of Tatay, President and CEO. Equipped with sheer anticipation and fervor, the group took the high road for two hours before reaching the Danao port. It was the moment where the fervent heat started to soar high but it was never a problem. Rather it became an allusion or prelude to the impending merrimaking that will take place in
Camotes Island.



Ocean whispers and tranquil touch. Fizzled waves and gypsy songs. The two-hour ship voyage to reach the majestic island of Camotes was free and easy. The even-tempered ocean celebrated the arrival of Blueprint folks while the man of the day — Tatay — along with his significant dear — Nanay — awaited the group before leaving the port for the ready lunch buffet. After the short ecstatic ride, the whole team reached Santiago Bay Resort and enjoyed a bountiful feast for lunch. Loud and energetic, the Blueprint family sang Happy Birthday in an upbeat for the dearest celebrant, Tatay. Truly, it was a heartwarming feast for the Bande’s family and to the Blueprint staff — not to mention the ineluctable serenity around the resort which amplified the collective enthusiasm.

The Island Escapade in Camotes

The mystic island of Camotes is endowed with a wide array of outstanding tourists come-on. From gorgeous pearl-white beaches, serene coastal hotels to verdant-fresh land slopes, the entire island is truly a treat for every travel-feet and the Blueprint team was about to partake an exclusive experience. Engulfed with lush greeneries and towering woods, the Blueprint team took the steepy and winding road to reach their destinations.



First off, was the tropical islet of Tulang Diot. The blue-candy atmospheric island is situated in the small town of San Francisco. A stint-escape away from the city bustle, Tulang Diot beach provides a country-like serenity and peace of mind to contemplate. The submerged white shore was ideal for swimming and its picturesque nature prompted the team to strut in a photoshoot and all. And oh, did I mentioned the five-minute fancy boat ride? The quick boat travel served the whole Blueprint team a snapshot of the engrossing beauty of Tulang Diot.




It was almost 3PM when the then energetic team showed no signs of stopping when they reached their next stop — the infamous Timubo Cave. One of the relatively untouched fractions of the island, the Timubo cave is positioned in the middle of the sundry vegetation of cornfield and exotic shrubs. Descending inside the dark cave, the round-iron handrails and slippery steps lead inside the dim-lighted stalactites and stalagmites. At the end of the trail, some of the Blueprint staff hyped in delight as they discovered the chill and pristine clear freshwater. The ethereal ambiance adds to the mysterious tenor inside the Timubo cave. Gratified with their spelunking, the whole team decided in consensus and move on to the next destination!


The shade of rural surroundings is nothing but amicable pleasure for the entire team. The trip relatively became a moment of intimacy for the Blueprint family. Sharing fancy stories and random humor, the trip was filled with blaring laughter out of the playful gag. And then, the man of the day — Tatay — silently took the wheel, listening in glee to his cherished staff.


Tucked away from the urban lights and civilization, the mystical lake of Danao is nested in the northern part of the island. Faunas and wild tales! The said lake is a home of ancient myths resounded to the tourists and locals alike. To the spectators’ surprise, the guitar-shaped body of water draws an invitation to the entire team. The intangible sound of tranquility harmonized with the chirping sound of the birds, plus the romantic downbeat water truly holds in a moment of fun. Kayaking, as one of the prominent activities in the area, was enjoyed by the staff, especially the couple Jonah Bande and Champy Ylaya. Others decided to take pictures and liberate their imaginations around the panoramic sceneries.


As the night curtain fell in a glorious evening, the entire Blueprint ensemble gathered along the Mangodlong Rock for Tatay’s birthday program. Hosted by Nile Dano and James Ranario, the seaside event commenced with a plentiful dinner, followed by the set of performances from the Blueprint departments. Started off with the admin team, the first group performed a tribute performance for Tatay. Taking down the memory lane, the admin group reenacted the series of occupation of Tatay. The performance also highlighted the symbolic rise of Tatay to prominence as he gradually reached his elusive dreams — an excellent performance to lit up the night.

Progressing the program, the operations team took the stage as they showcased their dancing skills in a jovial upbeat dance performance. With dynamic execution which wowed the crowd, the birthday man himself, Tatay, danced his way to the stage, joining the flashy performance of the operations team.

The night was still young when the marketing group hit the stage. Bringing back the sound of every generation, the team performed a series of medley headlining the hits from the 60’s up to the present. The presentation highlight was when the ballade-performance drastically shifted to a wacky-dance production. Emulating the eccentric fashion and peculiar dance moves of Lady Gaga, a segment was performed by Roycie Jopia as Gaga together with Sonny Temblor and Rey Balala as the backup dancers. Astonished by Roycie’s stage antics, the crowd cheered in lulling applause after their presentation.

Presenting an epilogue performance, the Blueprint Team Leaders rekindled the old flame of Nanay and Tatay’s life as they performed a short drama. Received an acclaim to the spectators, the performance was served as an inspiration to everyone. It demonstrated the episodes of good days and bad days both Nanay and Tatay outgrew.


Heartstrings and emotions. The last part of the program comprised a number of birthday messages from the Bande family, parish priests and family friends. Although it turned out to be an emotional streak at some point, Tatay himself, Mr. Jun Bande, offered his sincerest birthday message to everyone along with his dearest wife, Nanay, before the program ended.

Rhythmic music and wild chatterings. Pools and cold beer! The celebration continues at the Mangodlong residence as the Blueprint ensemble gathered together before concluding the night.  The night went deep and the breeze soars cold. The group was finally sound asleep as they’re about to kick-off a new tomorrow of celebration.


On the second day, the sunrise arms reached out to the window panes. The abstract light rays of almond red and amber splice signifies a meaningful beginning. With the gastronomic breakfast buffet awaited the Blueprint staff, the team enjoyed a peaceful and sound morning; making the most of the day before it ends.

“Mr. June Bande, the Blueprint’s ultimate Tatay, showed to us that aging doesn’t signify a denouncement. Rather it served as an inspiration to the people around him. Turning 60 hasn’t slowed him down a bit. With his collective life experiences, beautiful outlook in life and guidance from above, he aged with perfection like a fine wine. Yes, he lived an incredible six decades. May the next decades be just as incredible.”

Happy 60th birthday to our Blueprint CEO and Tatay — Mr. Jun Bande. Hope you continue to live life to the fullest — in good spirits, good health and good times.