Blueprint Business Solutions, an innovative virtual staffing agency in Mactan staged their first ever year-end party along with a heart-pumping amazing race event. The highly ecstatic people of Blueprint invaded the entire Mactan Island for their amazing race, featuring some serious body roles and cardio-sprinting quests all over the metropolis. The race was hosted by the company’s Management Team and was cheered with gastronomic food and drinks later in the evening occasion.

Concur. Compete. Conquer.

The one-day celebration was started off with an amazing race. It was a balmy Friday morning as the active participants and marshals gathered over the stage of Pueblo Verde last December 29. Before the kick off of the anticipated activity, participants were seen executing some warm-ups and bouncy hypes while cosplaying sleek sports attire and distinct colored hankies. The players were divided into five participating teams with three members each — manifold groups from admin, marketing, and operations.

The morning’s temperature hit fever pitch as the game commenced exactly 9:30 am with the roaring excitement from the participants. The first stop was revealed to execute a merry-go-around dash around The Outlets which left the players panting while dashing. Things were escalated quickly as the second pit stop requires riding a vehicle to reach the second destination which is in Lapu-Lapu public market. The thrill went on as the challenges emerged to be strategically provoking which confronted the tactics and unity of each team. Some groups went hitchhiking for convenience while some choose a public transport to reach the destination. The sun’s blaze aflame on the sun-kissed skin of participants with a glimmer of sweat, which testified the struggle and hardwork to get through and survive every challenge.

As the afternoon heat went on its peak, the quest became more unexpected and side-splitting. Challenges include eating BALUT in the middle of Mactan bridge under pressure. Probably the oddest activity to do midday. The recreation of the iconic scene from Titanic while devouring spicy noodles was uniquely entertaining. The final stations were situated on Marigondon beach and Balai Diving resort, on which the latter was the concluding stop. The amazing race ended successfully with the GREEN team as the Amazing Race front liners. Blue and Yellow teams as the runners-up while Indigo and Red, respectively, were the last teams to finish.

Lively chuckles resounded all over the resort coming from the bone-tired players who shared their experiences with each other. An afternoon feast was served and enjoyed by everyone before hitting the pool.

Party Lights on the Groove

The evening curtains abounded with fun-filled activities. Dance music and cheery smiles were apparent around the vicinity. The night came young and fresh as it was hosted by two of Blueprint’s talented staff, Nino Soque and Nile Dano. Embarked with exhilarating performances, company personnel were united by groups as they show off their hidden talents and charisma. The competition was judged by the company CEO, Mr. Antonio Bande Jr.; his dearest wife and CFO, Mrs. Irene Bande; and their son, Mr. Antonio Bande III. The competing groups were from the Admin staff and Operations which spawned four groups in total.

The opening group to perform was the Operations 1 team. Popping some mix theatrics and performance dynamics, the group channels a Beyonce-esque parody, concert extravaganza with poi dancing. Followed by Admin 1 team. The group went gospel, but it didn’t hinder the spectacle as they reenact the birth of Jesus Christ flawlessly. Embezzled with dazzling costumes and marvelous props, the group aced a divine performance that everyone enjoyed. From a lighthearted number to some drastic exhibition, the third group performed a Jabbawockeez inspired dance number which wowed the audience with their swag and an intricate freestyle routine. The last group pulled off a compelling number as they started off with a downbeat celestial interpretation before snapping an in-sync dance performance. Christmas hats and fancy skirts were on point with their sleek aerobics choreography.

After the series of performance number, delectable dinner and drinks were served to relish after the presentation. The hosts later resumed the program. Winners of the performance contest and amazing race were announced subsequently by the judges. The Green team bagged the Amazing Race Champion Award while secondary and consolation prizes were also presented. For the Year-End Team Performance, Admin 1 Team was declared as the champion followed by Admin 2 Team. After the interlude phase, the night went on with merrymaking and exchange gifts. Groovy beats, cold drinks, and splashy lights — truly a night of fun, camaraderie, entertainment, and delight.

To cap-off the festivity, a surprise gift giving was followed, courtesy to the loving hearts of Blueprint’s executive leaders — COO, Ms. Jonah Mae Bande; CAO, Mrs. Ianne Badayos; and CMO; Mr. Antonio Bande III.

What else is better than a banquet with the presence of the people that truly matters?

The entire program was energetic and exciting credits to the cooperation of all staff to materialize the event. Despite the sparks of glittery and flamboyance, Blueprint upholds to its APLUS values. The winning celebration was a retrospective commemoration of its humble beginnings while honoring hardwork and efforts of all Blueprint Aces. It has been an awesome year for Blueprint Business Solutions. An amazing chapter of tenacity and passion in attaining goals for the company and its people alike.

As 2017 comes to an end, a new beginning is coming to outset. Blueprint is much stronger and confident to welcome the year and prepare for what 2018 has in store in the long run. Onwards and Upwards!