Blueprint Business Solutions continued its dedicated monthly workshop by hosting a basic graphic design workshop. 

Held last October 19 at the Blueprint Conference Office, the workshop was attended by 17 workforce employees, who participated in a series of lectures and Adobe Photoshop tutorials.

Conferring about design principles, resources, and fundamentals, the workshop also featured the graphics design team, the Virtuoso, as guest speakers. Spearheaded by Roycie Jade Jopia, he guided the participants in learning the basics of graphic designing as well as presenting visual presentations to conspire an evocative training experience.

Hazel Sellote, one of the graphic design speakers, stressed the importance of typography and the wide spectrum of graphic design. She shared that typography is crucial in all design aspects as it gives emotion, idea, and emphasis to the design.

“Typography encourages people to keep reading; it provides an attractive presentation and it preserves the value of the content. It also creates a harmony which makes the design captivating,” Sellote said.

Jonathan Docil, a graphic design prodigy, expressed his reaction when he learned he had to conduct a workshop with the team.

“I haven’t conducted a workshop before that is facilitated by my team, ever since the start of my graphic design career. Since I’m not used to public speaking, the pressure beforehand was apparent. But as the training progressed, the participants started cooperating and it eventually appeased the pressure that I felt. I had fun, should I say — it reminded me of my old self when I was just starting to learn about the best practices of graphics design,” Docil stated.

Docil also affirmed that participants about learning the various concepts of graphic design. He further stated, “At the end of the day, never doubt yourself in learning the basics of graphic design. You might think that a ‘dot’ is just a simple element, but it’ll transform drastically based on how you think.”

A number of design resources and tools — the likes of Adobe Photoshop, XD, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. — were thoroughly explained by Nowinna Pacalda, as one of the speakers and team Virtuoso’s talent. She particularly explicated the differences and uses of each platform.

Roycie Jopia, the team supervisor, stated that the workshop is a celebration of his team as well as an endeavor to leverage their expertise to boost the aspirants’ creative skills.

“The Graphic Design workshop, through collaboration with my team, enables us to support our colleagues in upgrading their creative skills set. We were excited to offer engaging lectures and effective demonstrations that are valuable for their personal and professional development,” Jopia stated.

The Blueprint Monthly Skill-Based training is an effort to diversify the skills of the Blueprint workforce. As a company that advocates advanced learning due to the everchanging demands on the global market, it is imperative to acquire new skills to keep up with the trend. 

Blueprint Business Solutions will continue to empower and equip its people through specialized training, experimental learnings, and activities that will be rolled out for the rest of the year. In fact, new workshops are already in the works that are slated for further announcements. This is to make sure that all employees are following the company’s standard of APLUS  culture