As Blueprint strides in the manifold world of outsourcing — the company commits to bolster not only its A-PLUS culture but also its advocacy to change the world. A lifelong commitment that would benefit not only its interests but encompassing the holistic growth of our environment as well. Thus, the people of Blueprint promotes proper waste and garbage management through anaerobic fermentation by Bokashi.

What is Bokashi?

Bokashi is an ingenious composting method originated from the practice of Japanese farmers ages ago. The anaerobic technique uses inoculated bran to ferment food waste and other biodegradable scraps. Composting kitchen junks and office remains into nutrient-rich fertilizer procreates organic compost resulting in lush greenery for plants. This fermentation process is integrated to make use of by-products into a practical advantage.

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Probably most of the people have been burying their organic waste as a form of composting approach. Well, it indeed generates a couple of benefits as it is a proven traditional form of composting methodology. However, things get awry if the process is not properly done, which provokes abrupt challenges to every household and company. That’s why the innovative process of Bokashi composting has become prevalent in most of the businesses and households alike. This is because of its quick and handy process which is easy to use and odorless.

In defiance of the progressive urbanization, it is critical for people to uphold a green lifestyle (e.g. living that brings the balance of conservation and preservation of the Earth’s habitat and resources.). This goes for maintaining and developing a clean environment despite the drastic changes in the industry. With this, Blueprint sustains an APLUS driven and eco-conscious lifestyle among its subordinates and workplace collectively. Bokashi as a tool catalyzed to a non-toxic, greener and work life balanced environment — making its people responsible for proper waste and garbage disposal.

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Since it is unarguable that disposing of business wastes in litter bins and public sites is prohibited, Bokashi composting is the best option to recycle waste without jeopardizing the cleanliness of the workplace. This arrangement must come paramount in every business to keep smooth operations inside the perimeters. Hence, it will keep the trashes away from going to landfill.

Spearheaded by the Blueprint superiors: President and CEO, Mr. Antonio Bande Jr.; and his wife, Mrs. Irene Bande, the company CFO. Blueprint advocates to Bokashi fermentation to appropriately store waste on the premises without leaking that might cause an operational dilemma. The company also ensures that non-biodegradable garbage from bins is regularly collected by the official waste carriers.