Lapu-lapu City, Philippines (October 9, 2018) — One year ago, a purposeful vision was established. The moment of truth was fully founded. Blueprint Business Solutions were born. Yes, we are proud to announce that the company fathered with steadfast goals and hard work is celebrating its first birthday.

It was on October 8th of 2017 when we christened ourselves on the enterprisingly-omulous world of BPO. We started shipping towards becoming a fully-fledged remote staffing agency — raising a sapphire blue banner of pride and diligence! Today, after all the challenges we conquered, Blueprint is completely up and running.

We are competing in the dynamic industries of the global market. We have designed a unique Blueprint platform that leverages the world class Filipino talent. To be the staffing solutions of choice by keeping pace with invariable innovations. And most importantly, we are continually pushing boundaries to solidify our craft as avant-garde.

Blueprint Business Solutions officially marked its 1st-year in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. And to celebrate this iconic anniversary, the management, together with the staff, shared a sumptuous dinner and goody delights. But before that, a thanksgiving mass took place at the company office. The mass started exactly 5:45 in the afternoon and was preceded by Rev. Fr. Reynante Joseph Ga, MSC. It was a holy juncture to sing praises and gratitude.

The place was filled with sapphire glitz and silver finery. Pristine white bouquet of blossoms also adorned the celebratory setting — radiating a cheerful vibe of merriment. Given a wide range of food selections, everyone got a fill of succulent favorite dishes. Adding to the fulfilling night, the fancy chattering rekindling the old flame of yesterday never get out of style. It was fun remembering the humble beginnings and how the people, who help build the company, thrive in their accomplishments along the way. Of course, everyone had a great time; all are looking forward to Blueprint to celebrate more exciting years in a heartbeat.

The yesteryear has been a collective journey of challenges and victories. Reflecting on a year in the industry, it is motivating to see how Blueprint has grown. Working with various clients around the globe, it’s fascinating to see how we made a difference. How we impacted companies and organizations to be more efficient and achieve the common goal of becoming effective business owners that generate higher return of investments in Virtual Staffing.

Moving forward, Blueprint Business Solutions will continue to grow its diverse talents and focus on providing APLUS solutions to our global partners and streamline business operations successfully.