When witches are riding, black wolves are howling, the moon laughs and whispers, “let’s celebrate Halloween.”


The hallow evening of November two wasn’t that hallow after all — only hollow cheeks and spooky antics emerged during the curtain dusk. The spidey webs and pumpkin heads, all clustered in the office walls. The Blueprint floor was open, wide and art-arranged. Everyone was bustling with their props and Halloween displays. The stations were designed by each respective team in harmony with its designated movie theme. It was a night of fun and sinister classics!

Blueprint Business Solutions ushered a one-night fangtastic episode, celebrating the Halloween occasion. The theme of the event featured Filipino horror classics, commemorating the local artistry and cinematography.

Everybody was hard at work. Stunning creativity and skillful motions manifested all over the work floor.

The night was young, yet the station of team Sonny brought on some magnitude of creeps of an urban legend. Maligno, is a movie flick of dark horror and supernatural advances. Tangled with thick cab webs, a decaying corpse, and dead brown twigs, the team’s station was comprised of unsettling dark elements that brought their colleagues into sheer terror.


The unsubtle provocation of Seklusyon unearthed a brand new horror as team Roycie flaunts a religious suspicion meets the darkest evil. The station design screamed demonic symbolism and allusions which are fundamental to the film’s bold rhetoric. The costumes, the decors, the act of contrition, everything was complex and terrifying.


When we think about Filipino chills and creeps, the iconic tale of Balete Drive never gets out of style in terms of making us tiptoe. Team Karen wasn’t playing this time around, their station was meant to astound everyone with its gigantic Balete tree up to the ceiling. The tree design symbolizes the horrific tale — including the floating white lady which was portrayed by Karen —  that terrifies a generation or locales in Quezon City.


Leave the kids at home and let the Web Devs on the dreadful floor. Rey, accompanied by his legion of geek males, presented a bloodcurdling panicky at their station. The malignant sorcery of Barang abounded as they employed the dark art of voodoo magic as aesthetics. Who wouldn’t be frightened by the inverted crosses, enucleated eyeballs, pins and needles, and the bloody remains? Not to mention, the cult ceremony and procession preceded by a deranged mambabarang.


Team Luigie showcased the stylish superstition of the film Pagpag. At first, you would think about the traditional funeral setup based on the station decor and logistics. However, the whole wake ensemble referenced an unspoken superstition that holds grip to strange horror and atrocity. The purple high curtains spiced up the morbid thrill that manages to pull off the precise message. Nonetheless, the little funeral act spoke for itself — the horror, the tragedy, and the underlying heart despite the sinister.


The marvelous decorations and avant-garde costume designs signify the ingrained creativity of Blueprint aces. Not only it represents an artistic body of work, but it also indicates something more integral — it is the leadership, hardship, and camaraderie. Full-on paints and makeups were at work, yet it will never conceal their talents and skills as professionals. It was only a short period of preparation, yet everyone on the floor still managed to pull off something to be proud of.



Happy Halloween!