As Blueprint navigates its APLUS platform to the greatest heights, the company announces its first-ever film festival as a year-ender gala. The event serves as a celebration of its people’s camaraderie, ingenuity, and profound creativity.

The film festival’s objective:

CELEBRATING STORIES: Storytelling has been a crucial aspect in maneuvering the intricate industry of virtual staffing. Blueprint Business Solutions, an innovative staffing solutions agency, recollects its humble beginnings by visualizing stories about human spirit with positive purpose through cinematic extravagance.

The state-of-the-art talents of the company showcase its creative genius through short filmography which centralized the theme of “giving thanks and giving back”. In essence, the Blueprint Film Festival will remain faithful to its founding purpose: to uphold APLUS values and celebrate successes.

All four entries for the 2018 Blueprint Film Festival has been announced earlier today, December 7. The teams revealed the visuals of their film poster as well as its titles. However, all filmmakers remain tight-lipped about their respective movie genres and revolving plot. On a similar note, the company COO, Jonah Bande, explicates the importance of keeping the film production a secret to amplify hype and anticipation.

All posters have shown diversity in terms of visual elements and thematic imagery. With its subtle to obvious conceptions, the overall ambiguity prevails.

Here are the four entries for the forthcoming Blueprint Film Festival:

The Dusk of Yesteryears


Directed by: Sonny Temblor


Directed by: Rey Balala


Directed by: Roycie Jopia


Directed by: Daryl Kate Dizon

Everyone is elated following the announcement, the teaser photos have generated discussions amongst peers and mutuals. Talk about excitement.

The output from each team is due to submission on December 14. All films will premiere on December 16 at Maayo Hotel Grand Ballroom, Mandaue City, Cebu.