Film festivals have always rejoiced the ways in which art and story intersect. But in Blueprint, things were slightly different. Apart from state-of-the-art performances and screening of films, the company also reveled its way to a delightful extravagance — hence, a champagne party and a feastful celebration.

Lights, Camera, Action! Blueprint rolled out the red carpet for its first-ever film festival. The event took a play at Maayo Hotel in Mandaue City last December 16, Sunday. A nightfall affair of glam and sophistication, the Blueprint aces and their partners took the higher stage with posh ballgowns, strutting high heels, alluring tuxedos, and inviting confidence.


Everyone was dolled up and dashing in charm when they arrived at the event hall. The concept for this year’s event is a film festival and deluxe gala. This concept highlighted the emphasis on the theme of ‘giving thanks’ by visualizing stories through cinematic art or film. Also, it’s an avenue to allow artistic outlet and showcase creative genius while remaining faithful to the company’s founding purpose: to uphold APLUS values.

All Blueprint staff put on their avant-garde demeanors and transformed in style and elegance. Nile Dano and Armando Estrella served as the masters of the ceremony as the programme commenced. The event kicked off with opening remarks from the company CEO and CFO, Mr. Antonio Bande Jr. and Irene Bande, respectively.

The event progressed with a stunning singing performance from Xianne Amores. Then came the most awaited moment. This year’s carefully curated selection run the gamut from mystery, comedy to contemporary drama. These sprawling films of ‘giving back’ centralized the snapshots of stories of friends, family, colleagues, and society.

In the first screening, there’s The Dusk of Yesteryears, written and directed by Sonny Temblor. The film is a psychedelic drama mystery, starred by Armando Estrella and Rowena Suerte. It involves the retrospective alienation of a father who was haunted by his ill-fated past. The film depicted how the characters fought resistance with their inner demons and how they conquered it for the sake of benignity. Despite its dark undertone, its texture emphasized the importance of love and friendship in general.


The second film came in as another mystery film, but more somber and melancholic than the former one. The Shape of Alma, a film by Rey Balala, accentuates the intricacy of a typical family stormed by misfortunes. The film’s cast has shown flexibility, ensuring they don’t fall short in the acting department. The premise centers about the love of a mother and the compassion of a daughter which turned their life situations in shamble – and utter insanity. Karen Calungsud’s prominent character played as the round protagonist throughout the flick.

In the direction of Roycie Jopia, Merci as the third film being screened, showcased a neat flow of character and plot development. Merci bestowed a familiar narrative of an oppressed protagonist who thrived to obtain success. Luigie Dedel played as the male protagonist whose performance garnered acclaim from both spectators and juries. The film’s central theme is about seeking happiness and giving back to colleagues.

The last film was written and directed by Daryl Kate Dizon. Sa Mga Pahiyum ni Irene displayed optimism despite life’s misfortunes as the lucid lens of its premise. The drama-oriented film chronicles the life of Irene (a character portrayed by Hagleve Ngujo) and how she uphold her faith while giving back to the community.


Aside from the series of film screenings, Daryl Kate Dizon and James Ranario performed a sentimental duet, hyping up the crowd. A gastronomic set of food was also shared by everyone while cheering in delightful conversations with red wines.

Ultimately, the verdict has come. The Dusk of Yesteryears bagged the award for Best in Digital Poster. Luige Dedel from the film Merci and Karen Calungsud from The Shape of Alma won as Best Actor in Male and Female categories, respectively.

The award for Best in Original Story and Screenplay and the polarizing Best Picture in Short film landed to Merci.

The night was packed with sheer fun and excitement. Lexxa Molijon was named as the head-turner of the night with her sultry tuxedo and sensuous demeanor – highlighting her assets. Daryl Dizon strutted the night as the darling of the crowd with her pine green silk gown. Teddy Bantigue and Rezza Siozam capped the night as the most dashing couple.

The year-end party was concluded by the company CAO – Ianne Bande-Badayos – and COO – Jonah Bande – with contemplative closing remarks. Slowly, the party was picking up — people are having a good time and laughing their hearts out as everyone celebrates its APLUS people after all the conquered challenges and victories.

Overall, the Blueprint film festival and year-end gala were definitely one for the books. With a hopeful smile and a gearing heart, everyone is looking forward to what’s next in store in 2019.