Holistic management training is an imperative aspect of the leadership development program. Moreover, quality training is fundamental to cultivate and solidify foundation to start effective managerial careers. With the growing demands in the corporate industries, understanding business dynamics is the initial step to develop leaders and to equip profound and relevant knowledge and skills.

An empowered leader is not only ready to ignite change but also holds the torch that burns bright. With a strong grip and cultured pride, a leader inspires people and provides a sustainable future and perpetual contribution to team development.


In the second weekend of March, Blueprint Core Leadership and Management team members commenced upon a tranquil retreat for the company’s first Leadership Training. Overlooking the verdant greenery of Cebu countrified, the training was held at Serenity Farm and Resort, Busay, Cebu City. The one-day programme designed to provide lecture and activities tailored-fit for leaders to drive APLUS management and inspire the next generation of leaders.

Facilitated by Mr. Ronan Miranda of STEPS Training & Events, the training covered a core spectrum of topics about Effective Management, Stages of Transition, Management Concepts (e.i. Peter Principle, Pygmalion Effect, Tim Gallwey’s Inner Game Concept, etc.), and Strategic Coaching/Feedback.


“Leadership is all about sacrifice and compromise. You just don’t think of your own growth, but most importantly the growth of your whole team. You can only fulfill your duties as a leader once you are mentally, emotionally, and physically capable. The training has motivated me to become more resilient and I learn to value my team members’ individual development plans.” said Nile Dano, Blueprint’s Operation Assistant Manager.

The participants had obtained the opportunity to asses their prevailing roadblocks on their respective team and broaden their knowledge regarding the complexities of management. Further, the concepts and work theories presented during the discussion had the participants thinking on how they can practice valuable concepts and strategies — thanks to the various interactive activities.

They went from probing their current leadership situation and the ways on how they can address current needs to develop feasible strategies. All in all, the training was highly educative and engaging. The program provided a good mix of theoretical and practical workshops, bespoke for the company’s APLUS culture.


Amongst the participants, Project Manager and Supervisor Armando Estrella expressed his introspective learnings from the training. “To learn the difference between feedback and coaching is one of the most important teachings that I learned during the leadership training. These two are essential to strengthen employees skills so I can delegate more tasks and focus more on important managerial responsibilities.”