Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the most prominent business industry in this generation. With its widespread influence in the employment rate, the industry has become the most lucrative enterprise as it provides dynamic and well-paying jobs to many professionals. One of the sought-after job positions in the BPO sector is the Customer Service Representative (CSR) role.

Customer Service Representative in the Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing is the leading sub-sector in the BPO industry. The sector includes inbound and outbound calls; technical helpdesk and email support as the series of workarounds. A customer service representative generally appeals prospect customers by acknowledging product or service inquiries. This goes to fulfilling the client’s needs to maintain and ensure high customer satisfaction. Most specifically, a customer service representative acts as a liaison to represent a company or an organization. They handle order updates, complaints, billing, cancellations, error and other queries.

As an efficient CSR practitioner, one must deliver excellent service standard under pressure. They don’t just act like they are eager to care, but they deliver genuine empathy and passion for solving every problem. Research skills must come naturally in dealing with queries; especially in troubleshooting and investigate complaints. Simply put, they talk a lot for the best. Customer feedback is imperative, and they work hard to get this from you in full effort.

Major Customer Service Initiatives

Inbound Calls – An inbound call generally takes inquiries through incoming calls which is available 24/7. This also implies a prospect customer phoning for inquiries or an ongoing customer inquiring about solutions, cancellations and many more.

Outbound Calls – An outbound call is a phoning process which is opposite to inbound calling. A CSR will be the one who will be making outgoing calls for sales purposes or to update feedback to an ongoing client.

Bird’s Eye View on the CSR Responsibilities

Along with excellent verbal skills, a strong command for problem-solving is essential as a customer service representative. They should build trust and relationship before pulling an investigation. This process must be done carefully as they have to clarify and determine the cause of the problem without sounding offensive or aggressive to the customer. Expediting solutions to a customer is not easy. An accurate resolution is penetrated to solve the problem and misunderstanding may arise if a CSR can’t explicate well the solution.

Providing alternatives is also a challenge especially if one is pressured to get it done in a stiff timeframe. Making follow-ups are also done to keep track of the problem and make sure that the customer will be satisfied.

In a different note, solving complaints are also done via email and chat support. This may seem easier than taking inbound calls; you can have ample time in linking your thoughts for the solution, but the same approach and ethics is done still.


Most call center outsourcing is taking novices for call center representative role already. Well, proven skills in customer support experience is a plus, but this aspect can be trained during the initial boarding together with product knowledge. Familiarity and flexibility in using specialized software like CRM, Skype and email generator is also a must. Moreover, a CSR must be able to juggle mundane tasks and manage effectively to reach the specific quota.