Blueprint Business Solutions Corp. conducted a Content Writing and Social Media Training Seminar for the virtual assistants of the company who aspired to advance their skills in content marketing. The workshop was organized by the Core Leadership Team and was held out last Saturday, September 14 at the Blueprint Conference Office.

The training seminar aimed to enhance content marketing skills, foster creativity and amplify job performance to the participants. Blueprint marketing supervisors, Sonny Temblor and Daryl Kate Dizon embarked on the training program as the event speakers. There were 16 participants who had participated in the said intimate training event.

Assistant Operations Manager Nile Dame Daño said that the purpose of the training workshop was to develop the knowledge and skills of the employees in content and social media marketing. She further emphasized that the activity served as a training ground for agents who want to upgrade their skills in one of the most in-demand and highly competitive skills in digital marketing.

During the four-hour seminar, the participants engaged in a highly interactive and immersive training workshop. Sonny Temblor, the Content Writing speaker discussed the lucrative platform of content writing and the demand for content marketing. He also discussed the fundamentals of the writing process and its inherent etiquette; which led to a writing activity for the participants to test out their learnings.


The Social Media Marketing Speaker, Daryl Kate Dizon, discussed the intricacy and entrepreneurial bearing of social media. She also pointed out the discipline of various social media channels and further tackled marketing analytics and strategic plan.


One of the participants, a virtual assistant and aspiring writer Janryl Satur, expressed her gratitude for the training workshop, “As a writer by heart, the seminar was a great opportunity for me. It allowed me to understand writing on a profound level rather than learning just the process. Never did I think that there’s more to it than just the strokes of my pen – you have to put your heart into your piece and understand what you are writing in the first place. I also want to express my gratitude for the speakers — TL Sonny, TL Daryl, and of course the whole Blueprint family for this seminar.” 


Daño said that this is just the beginning of the company’s effort to conduct training seminars. In the following months, a series of skill-based workshops will be organized as an effort to solidify the skills of the Blueprint workforce.