Did you know that the writing industry has become widespread and extremely relevant this year? How can I say so? Well, let’s find out.

Earlier this year, statistics revealed a tremendous amount of communication and journalism graduates who engaged in content writing as a means of profit. There are thirty thousand job listings for content writers and these young professionals are eager to land their dream jobs!

And guess what? This is in the Philippines alone! The demand is far superior in the neighboring countries, especially in Southeast Asia and the United States; cementing the growing industry of web developing companies.

What’s next? Apply for a content writing position in a remote staffing company, or a marketing business agency? Well, that can be the brightest idea if you have both skills and enterprising mind. But hey! Don’t run away just yet. Passion is still a major key for you to establish writing skills and we all know it’s not as easy as ABC.

Content writing is both flexible and operative. We learn to keep an open mind, digest one too many concepts, ensure the credibility and quality of blog articles, and capture the interests of the target audience – in this case, young aspiring and driven professionals.

With the collaborative effort of the marketing team, such as web developers and graphic artists, content writers play a significant role in rallying the consistency and message of every marketing initiative. Every pen-effort draws site visitors and eventually potential clientele. Sounds backbreaking? Probably yes, probably not; the bottom line is you’re working on your own sleeve and putting your influential mind to the grind without going under your boss’ blooms! Oops!

So how do content writers function? Well, it is safe to assume that content writers are the men and women behind the curtain. They are virtual-clever and can convert complex ideas into chewable ones; making them the ‘head turners’ and keyboard cosplayers of search engines mainly to build up connections. The use of the internet, especially social media is a powerful toolkit to sell products and services. At times, we don’t get the reception we expect. Some may not relate or agree with what we have to say. And yes, it’s a big deal. But there’s no need to get offended, buddy! The main focus is getting the attention and bringing about a reaction from your audience. We agree to disagree and here’s how your online success begins.

The chronicle of being a content writer is a bumpy ride, a series of highs and lows. It’s mentally draining yet so rewarding. Through our words, we stir minds, we leave a mark, and we make an impact. We are the cyber armies of what we represent and key Marketing Innovator in every company’s success.