We painted hearts out of memories and frosty burning blue.
Looking at the sky of beaming magic, dazzling like it’s true.
Christmas wonder-blings enclosed the island with festive felicity.
Sweet-voiced carols resound down the city with velvety.

The winter brisk of Christmas season has finally abounded on the corners of Blueprint Business Solutions. Starting my day by walking towards the office, a flurry white arch decor, coated with autumn leaves and glittery blue crystals welcomes me in sheer enchantment. The posh garniture reminds me of azure memories and warm emotions I hold, hollering from afar.

As I set my feet inside the inviting door, the pristine white decoratives in gradient wintry blue and pearl ivories evoked a euphoric emotion to me and the people who appreciate. It is a manifestation of the kaleidoscopic allegory of what Blueprint is about. What makes the setting much compelling is the portrait of holy crèche (Belen) that represents the birth of our savior. Beneath the portraiture are glowing lights and acrylic painted ornaments bedecked around. Accentuating the meaning behind the adornments, it reminds the humble beginning of the company and its vision to grow progressively.

Rejoicing the yuletide atmosphere in the workplace, the Blueprint Christmas tree stood majestically with pride and beauty. It is endowed with immaculate maple leaves, poinsettia-bloom embezzled with twinkles, stripes of royal blue fabric mesh, adorable lanterns underneath, and an oodle of flickering lights. The Christmas tree is strategically positioned near the entrance to welcome company staff and visitors alike. The explosion of gradient colors and shimmering figurines coheres perfectly — making upbeat, sophisticated, and festive elements as its collective aesthetics.

Indeed, the glow it gives off serves marvelous visuals and a familiar warm feeling within — no wonder why it is the centerpiece in the office. Hearth fires with clustered twigs forming a chandelier-like adorn are blazing all cozy and bright in the ceiling. Those light ornaments gave mistletoe magic while the soundscape turned around the whole operations station. Delighting the people as they groove through the grind, Blueprint aces work together to keep tidings all anew.

What makes the season a little bit warmer?

Blueprint Business Solutions is a family-operated agency that advocates sustainable work-life balance environment. Of course, not just only in December, the company committed to bolstering its A-PLUS culture throughout a lifetime. Blueprint’s sapphire blue trademark personifies a warrior spirit with perpetual sincerity to serve its people and clients, respectively. Thus, enriches its people from all walks of life in a manifold-loving fashion.

Decorating an office space emphasizes the kind of culture setting we are working in. Not to mention that it adds a little spice, glamour, and elegance on the periphery. Christmas is more than just the day of December. It calls for a celebration of a fruitful and prosperous end year and a token for a continuous epilogue. Putting an extra nudge on decorating the company corners resonates with the overall atmosphere. It is also a subject of metaphor to get every inch of the company into the holiday spirit.

Indulge your Christmas occasion and get your virtual staffing needs done while you cherish the season with your family and friends!