Ecommerce Virtual AssistantStaying on top of your e-commerce business as a business owner is something that needs more than your time and dedication. The endless lists of to-do’s every day such as updating stock items and availability, prices, delivery, promotions and advertising, and handling customer service are only some of its bits and pieces. Not to mention the monthly and annual goals you should check off your list. This is where hiring an e-commerce virtual assistant comes to play.

As a business owner, it is wiser that you spend your valuable time and effort on decision-making and one that affects your business’ growth and direction. Meanwhile, daily tasks such as the ones mentioned above are better handled in the hands of a capable e-commerce virtual assistant. 

Hiring the right eCommerce virtual assistant for your business can help you alleviate what may seem to be an endless list of mundane but equally essential tasks, so you can focus on the bigger picture of your business.

Tasks Your ECommerce Virtual Assistant Can Help You With: 

To get you started, here are some of the lists of e-Commerce tasks your eCommerce virtual assistant or team can help you with:

Initial Stages:

  • ECommerce Store Set-Up

Tasks include installing website themes, set-up website navigation and functions, and options, customer or CRM systems, payment gateway, email platform, sign up and contact forms, automated emails, and stock notifications (out of stock, back in stock, etc.).

Daily Tasks

  • Product Management

These tasks usually are centred on managing your product/services such as creating product listings, editing/cropping product images, uploading product images, categorizing and tagging products, and updating product inventory, facilitating sales (coupon codes, sale prices).

  • Digital Marketing

Usually involves promoting and marketing them online or on social media such as Facebook and Instagram Ads, Pay-per-click Ads, SEO Link Building, set-up Instagram and Facebook Shop, Social Media Management, and curating social media content.

  • Graphic Design

Tasks involve creating an image for your product/service such as logo design, email template design, website design, banner design, and ad design. 

  • Customer Service

Involves maintaining a relationship with customers and ensures inquiries and feedback are better handled and answered through chat, call, emails, and on social media.

Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your E-commerce Business

Ecommerce Virtual Assistant


One of the reasons why the Philippines is one of the top outsourcing destinations is due to its lower economic costs- hence, you’ll be paying less or half than your local employee’s pay.

Timezone Versatility

We work on your business’ regular hours or even while you sleep! Our team of virtual assistants caters to your business requirements- including your regular business hours. We are flexible when it comes to adjusting to time zones some are even used to it! 

Remote Work Environment

Deadlines and goals are surely met with remote work due to more time productivity. Work from home set-up has proven to reduce tardiness due to travelling, and for other reasons. Also, a remote work setup allows you to save loads of bucks from office rent, technical equipment, and building utilities and maintenance. Many virtual assistants already have their office equipment so there’s no need to provide one.

Why Work With Blueprint Business Solutions?

Filipino Virtual Assistant

Instead of trying to do things all by yourself, you could always hire a local employee to help you out but why choose us instead?


Over the years, our staff and colleagues in Blueprint Business Solutions have practised and promoted sincere and positive amplitude of diversity, uniqueness, and viewpoint to optimize creativity, quality, and accountability in performance.


At Blueprint, we ensure that every hour constitutes quality results and impact from our world-class Filipino talent. To ensure you get the best out of every project, Blueprint has reinforced firm and consistent monitoring and management programs so deadlines, objectives, and targets are met.


As our future partners, we always aim to establish trust and relationships. At Blueprint, we adhere to transparency, ascertain precise expectations, integrity and maintain ethical standards throughout our business engagements.

Unparalleled Client Satisfaction

Blueprint upholds “doing the thing right over doing the right thing”– we exceed beyond customer expectations and aim to provide the best assistance there is. Our large client database from the USA, UK, Singapore, and Australia can attest to our commitment to deliver results that matter to your business.


Unlike any other outsourcing agency, Blueprint has carefully selected the right and suitable mix of individuals possessing the right intelligence, common sense, skillset, and experience. With our workforce, tools, and processes, we are able to unleash creative liberty and pursue innovative ideas.