You might be thinking otherwise, but the emoji craze on the internet has become a necessity and methodical. If you are a millennial who engage conversation virtually on a daily basis, pretty sure you agree with me. If you are someone from the previous demographic cohort who’s not living under the rock, I am positive you will nod with me.

Let me share with you this insightful narrative: The widespread of the internet contributed big time to the paradigm shift of virtual communication from traditional text to visual-ideogram communication. Of course, the most popular among these variations is the emoji. Whether it’s a messenger group conversation (GC) bombarded with naughty and cheery emoticons or a plain text message with grinning icons, emoticons have become a compelling fixture in various medium.

Emoji through Research

According to multiple reports and research — one from the marketing agency Deep Focus –, 4 out of 10 millennials would rather send you a wink emoji reply than responding in a conventional text manner. Guilty? Almost half of today’s educated generation relatively use emojis to convey emotions or activities — which sum-up the wordy expression in a nutshell. Moreover, syllabary-characters are often integrated with fancy emoticons to retort back messages or post social media statuses.

As you can see, mostly every millennial sprinkles their Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets or Instagram uploads with various amusing emoticons of waffling temperaments. And don’t you know that this pervasive revolution became a flexible tool for both corporate and personal benefit? For some instance, you sure have spotted someone who uses emojis in random Facebook rants. Corporate digital postings or marketing emails are also peppered with emojis on its couple of sentences. Venerable standard may state its application as informal, but modern marketers have fashioned the emotag tool as a diverse formal practice.

Emojis as a Marketing Gizmo

Many business brands have been integrating emoji into their marketing campaigns. Since the world is revolving around a new fashion, obsolete designs are eradicated; stylish strategies are incorporated. The emoji craze partakes the marketing industry and frontline the visual campaign along with stickers and memes. Furthermore, business marketers leveraged on emojis to humanize marketing efforts thereby reaching out to the younger demographics. Millennials are one of the most proactive consumers on these generation’s cohorts. Ages ago, the general public will count the scientific and organic interpretations to sell products or services. Today, authenticity is still upheld, but the approach confides on the cleverness and visual memorability.

In analytics, the inclusion of emoji in tweets is displayed to upsurge engagement by 25%. For Facebook posts, an estimation of 57% of likes is seen in increment while share and comments inflate by 33%.

In this modish digital development, one must know how to maximize the use of emoji to take marketing campaign to success. Despite the tool being a logical and rational use by many, emoticon culture has bolstered its substance to sub-innuendos in the context. The pop culture and societal extravagance have influenced quick-witted people to interpret emojis on a different notation — social media specialists must be proactive in knowing its meaning.

The business brand is a crucial aspect of social media marketing. A distinctive character portrayed virtually is done to sell services or products. Incorporating emoji on social strategy has bridged the gap between marketers and target audience. Creative strategies are done to capture the emotion of the general public. Look at these examples: Pizza houses winning customers with their pizza slice emoji became a trend. Pop artists’ causes uproar among fans just by adding ‘album’ or ‘microphone’ emoji on social posts which leads to new music speculations. Wardrobe with shock emoji connotes sale for boutiques and apparel shops.

Know your Emojipedia! Sometimes, a minor mistake of emoji typo can lead to pitfall. It’s imperative for marketers to learn about the corresponding meaning of emojis as well as its innuendos. You’re running a vegetable store and you incorporated an eggplant emoji together with licking emoticon can surely put your business to blunder and blooper. This incident can be extremely hilarious, but you don’t want people to make petty impressions leading them not to take your business seriously. A finger slip on the keyboard can risk your company’s brand and may hurt the future social media efforts. Keeping in touch with the latest emoji upgrades and its meanings is a big dilemma for many social media specialists. Not to mention that mobile and desktop platforms have distinctive designs which escalate the burden to some.

Upsurge of Mobile Development. Along with the GIF-memes and stickers, emoji is one of the biggest driving force which copulated the success of the mobile development. Through the promenade of mobile application, messaging platforms have found a critical rise in revenue and users. The art of visual language became a useful shortcut to communicate without typing spacey sentences which is grueling to others. The advent of emoji supplements the lack of body language and face-to-face interaction, making the typical text conversation a meaningful and emotional chronicle.