A round of applause for an “all-star” LinkedIn profile you just created. You’ve done a great job in making a stellar career summary, a sleek headline, compelling biography, and sophisticated headshot. Now it’s time to pull the necktie on all the way to gear on a professional advancement in your career.

LinkedIn has been around since 2002 already — chronicling its timeline of social networking services. During the juvenile years, you probably aren’t aware of this professional virtual directory. Perhaps all you had before is a number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You had the best social media engagement causing the internet to escalate because of the awesome selfies you channel. You probably still do the same social antics, but some things have changed. You are a professional now. A competitive and career driven bachelor who maximizes social media for career development.

Yes! You read it correctly. Social media is no longer an entertainment-focus medium. Today, they are used as a platform for progression, especially in the field of digital marketing. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sectors like virtual staffing providers maximize the power of social media (e.g. LinkedIn) for operation purposes.

There’s no doubt that the social media sphere is being harnessed as a tool in promoting business and organizations. In grasping with the pool of prospect clients, market experts recommend using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. With these series of social media podiums, Facebook, obviously, is the most widespread and accessible tool used by the general public. However, despite the advantage of Facebook’s core power to connect with people — in huge number — the frequency in reaching legit leads is inferior. On the other hand, LinkedIn as a unique party comes as a strategic and dynamic platform among all the aforementioned mediums.

Facebook and Twitter have its significant purposes for business networking. Nevertheless, it overshadowed the marketing fundamental due to its clustering entertainment adverts. With this, professional engagement tends to be overlooked or dismissed.

Going further, you might be having a second thought on why you’re aiming for this “all-star” badge in LinkedIn. Thinking about how can this bring the best on the table during your career momentum. Well, let me stop you from there. First things first, you chose to make one to solidify a virtual impression, aren’t you? If you do, time to wear your productive hats and jumpstart your career.

How can you win prospects using your LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is like a virtual CV wherein skills, employment history and education are being highlighted. It is a terrain used for bonafide employment, professional partnership, and client negotiations. Herewith, acing a great LinkedIn profile is a perfect beginning to go social while being professional with the good connections. In just a poke of single “connect”, a good business can be life changing imaginable.

Peeling off for more subtle details — LinkedIn being a superior marketing tool is being used by many sectors for recruiting talents for company provision. Oh yes, it is an avenue for fishing the best people of choice and needs. On the same note, it gradually aids the long-standing problem of unemployment in many countries across the globe.  

If you are a fresh graduate who is seeking a working milieu that can skyrocket your role, LinkedIn is the place for you. As a business savvy who aims for brand awareness, harnessing the network by positioning your brand in a good spotlight is absolute with LinkedIn. But take note, for a critical success, you must integrate people skills and digital expertise to win the heart of your audience. LinkedIn is primarily a portal for all the markets out there, benefiting millions of people. With its over 300 million members from over a hundred countries, winning the quest is easy breezy if you confide in your skills and confidence.

Business developers and marketers are also pursuing LinkedIn for lead generation. Mining for legit prospects is easier with this platform. Taking some baby steps in order to find the right asset is imperative in the process of marketing. That’s why changing your game using LinkedIn is a good methodology to impart tangible revenue on sales.

What else LinkedIn has to offer?

Honing your learning curve is very much possible with LinkedIn as well. Media and publishing practitioners have been using LinkedIn as an avenue for sending out valuable and informative references. By means of this, LinkedIn has become a competitive publishing platform with over 1.5 million publishers actively sharing their scribbles.

The network and service that LinkedIn offer depends on the purpose. Whether you pitch yourself as a talent or someone who outstretched enterprises — the veracity here is that you aim to develop and help other people flourish their end. A business-to-business transaction which is a win-win situation for both parties. Oh now, if you have your LinkedIn profile already, demonstrate your professional attributes and kickstart a meaningful execution.