Do you feel it? It’s that time of the year again. We have now commenced on the month of February and the air seems to be a bit sultry as you can feel. A few days from now, Valentine’s Day will come. The grandiose day every madly-in-love couple has been looking forward to.

Valentine’s Day. For many, it is the love occasion for lovers with cheesy skinship and scarlet blushings. Valentine’s Day. To some, it is the day for fancy dinner tales, sweet chocolates, long-stemmed roses and scented letters. Valentine’s Day. For adolescents, it is the moment for holding hands and tiny strolls at the park under the blazing sun. Valentine’s Day. For seniors, it is a warm retrospect on how they’ve been in love for ages.

Valentine’s Day. It is the twilight where flesh adrift to the warm being with the promise of sheer bliss and union. Valentine’s Day. For enterprising minds, it is a promenade to sell out roses, booked hotels, reserved restaurants and burn strawberry cakes. For singles, it is an opportunity for errands and Netflix with a scoop of bitter ice-cream. And Valentine’s Day. It is a special day to celebrate romance with your significant other.

The concept of Valentine’s has always been diverse through the eyes of people. As what the pop culture implies, the ‘red-heart’ day is intended for people in love. However, some argue that Valentine’s is also a gift of genuine companionship for family and friends. Meanwhile, an unpopular observation, others view it as an avenue of commercialism. Despite the flexible concept of this jubilee, Valentine’s will forever be about love in many forms.

The Conception of Romance through Valentine’s Day

Have you thought about the first time you dated your dearest partner? The time when you were drifting gracefully in the cloud nine with goosebumps from within. Foolish days where you fell under the chair because of clumsiness. How about the butterflies inside your stomach? The time where you spent hours getting ready; sporting your best ensemble while wearing your expensive perfume.

God, you went through the door, gazing at your sweetheart’s pair of eyes. Those almond eyes full of love and wanton passion; fervent to wet your lips at that moment. The time when you almost fell down on your knees, but you stood up sturdily flashing the sweetest smile. Darn, rainbows and unicorns! That feels like heaven, isn’t it?

Going forward, pretty sure that those ‘lovey-dovey’ days will have its déjà vu this coming fourteen. And that cheery smile of yours right now signifies the adrenaline rush running through your nerves. Too much of an excitement!

The concept of Valentine’s Day has given us all the lavish hype we should expect. Essentially, the day is for every faithful soul to escape from the drudgery of daily routine. On the other hand, the occasion puts pressure on many loving hearts as the day is branded to go along with opulence. Planning out a romantic Valentine’s is truly a challenge. Chances are you’re thinking about how you’ll ‘wow’ your lucky lady or man once you two held each other’s hands.

From the bouquet of red roses at the front doors, office envies dark chocolates with mylar balloons, candlelight dinner shows, grand piano and violin spectacle, a private movie with tannic wines or an embossed heart charm bracelet — a Valentine surprise can be an over-commercialized idea to some. However, what is significant is you get the chance to be vocal about your feelings.

With more or less of those deluxe surprises, a powerful yet romantic gesture is worth a million dollar. There are plenty of things you can do to validate your affection without quantifying it with too much splurge. Things that are a million times more meaningful and romantic. And also, seal the moment with a kiss before anything else.

Family and Best Buddies as Valentine

The thrill of receiving a bold mix of blooms like roses and carnations arrangement is a euphoric feeling. But before you pour down your sentiments, Valentine’s can still be felt with the presence of the people that truly matter. Valentine’s Day should be celebrated by everyone — both singles or couples. The concept of this ‘love day’ should not provoke any negative feelings from single fellas.

Glorifying Valentine’s can be done by spending a bountiful dinner with family and friends; a love-filled day of laughter and bonding. However, it is understandable how some singles take this celebration as a big deal. Cruel jokes are spreading around about how cold and horrendous being single at Valentine’s is. Silly!

February 14 is a celebration for families and friends in general. In this century, modern societies and cultures are accustomed to celebrating Valentine’s Day as gratitude for companionship. Give your friends a long and warm hug. The commitment to friendship is selfless and boundless. Catch up with your brothers and sisters; the love from a bloodline is everlasting. Whether you are bind romantically with somebody or living a single life, the essence of Valentine’s Day revolves around your happiness and contentment.

Amidst the splendid heart-shaped keepsakes and sentimental messages we enjoy, Valentine’s Day is fashioned to cherish togetherness in a warm celebration. Couples, families, colleagues, and friends — everyone can spend quality time together to establish powerful and everlasting memories.