Since the inception of Instagram in the market, the platform is coined as a Millennial hipster application allowing users to parade their OOTD vogue and of course, the picturesque whereabouts and appetizing cuisines they seized to show off. With its widespread like a wildfire, the application becomes a social darling — competing for the spotlight with Facebook and Twitter. Today, Instagram has revolutionized its game, again. It officially rolls in as one of the leading marketing avenues used by marketers and influencers alike. Impressive, isn’t it?

Just like any applications in the market, Instagram released a string of tools and updates over the course of its outset. One of the most distinguished ones is the Instagram Stories; which reinvent the platform’s approach in presenting brand personality and advertising.

Having its birth last August 2016, Instagram switched things up from its algorithm to its objectives. Instagram Stories became a distinct phase of the application, borrowing similarities from the multimedia messaging app, Snapchat.

Garnering the green-light nod from the prime software, Instagram incorporates a feature that enables users to post photos and videos in a 24-hour long duration. It’s like a door-peak-like status sharing for users who don’t want to candidly share on their profile indefinitely. On this hallmark, some critics argued about its objectives; however, it gradually earned a cult following from general users. Moreover, Instagram Stories become a significant strategy for marketers, aiming to improve visibility, engagement and brand awareness.

Pointing out its general impact, the feature topped 300 million daily users, as of November 2017. With this staggering acclaim, social marketers have noted its blowout as an opportunity to reach out to a higher increment of followers and prospective consumers. Instagram being one of the fastest-growing social networks, encourages its existing large following to stay longer on the social platform frequently.

Marketing With Instagram Stories

If you have stumbled upon the series of elements of Instagram Stories, it contains a dramatic number of features on which you’ve probably think of like a fancy social antics only. But no, these comical elements can actually elevate your digital marketing, significantly.

Yesteryears ago, the reason why people use Instagram is to highlight life stories and share memories in vivid photos. For now, every published content is an opportunity to sell products and boost meaningful exposure. Frequent publishing of quality content plus a strategic blueprint can encourage followers to engage in future posts (including the stories).

Instagram Story is an ambitious marketing platform. It does not simply bolster the content reach, but it also diversifies ideas on how to present your brand for public consumption. Furthermore, the concern of perfecting the content is no longer an issue. You can have all the freedom to stir the pot and experiment on its innovative elements and maximize its reach. Taking the creative hat on full control, marketers aren’t afraid to cross the line of standards and choose to enjoy its inherent creative process. If you, as a marketer, fully grasped the walkthrough of its features, that’s where the real marketing comes in.

How can you kickstart your Instagram Story marketing? The first thing to do is to consistently uphold the business brand with the commitment for future distribution. Perhaps this isn’t really a challenge for you since I reckon you have done this in previous marketing efforts. With that being said, maintaining visibility to your followers feed is crucial to let them know about the business updates.

Targeting the perfect audience using Instagram Story doesn’t have to be reserved and standard. Remember you only have 24 hours to show to the world what you have in store. Might at least give the spectators an authentic, entertaining yet useful content that best highlights your day at the moment. Most importantly, marketers utilize the platform to humanize their business and connect with the audience in a deep yet personal level.

Taking the prestige in a compelling level is much possible in Instagram Stories. Brand followers, consumers, clients, or partners, anyone deserves a little treat and you can do this in a flashy festive level. The special tool allows you to mention people and fellow influencers. You can do shoutouts by tagging your followers, clients, customers, or the people you hold dear the most as inspiration.

Send out some personalized message as it sends a notification to the users. With this, they will likely view your Stories and that’s where connections begin. To further the blast, incorporating hashtags relevant to the brand can upraise your reach on new demographic which interests to your business.

Instagram Stories is a dynamic and flexible marketing platform. Whether you’re a casual user or a competitive social media marketer, engaging your followers will be likely a success if you choose to drive them to the right content that will truly benefit them. With that said, a win-win situation for both parties can transpire!