Outstanding client service propagates trust and loyalty that last. Providing this kind of excellence to the clients start with a bona fide interest to excel. A great service equates to a prosperous business. Whatever character the virtual assistant íllustrate will generate an automatic impression to clients. A great service is a great service; any negativity delivered will reflect on the company as a whole.

All businesses — startups and veterans — would want their people to execute with utmost superior service to satisfy the clients. However, motivating a workforce to guzzle up adequate attitude can be a challenge. That’s why soft skills like communication, confidence, and courtesy should be imbued before anything else. Exceptional skills set and knowledge are the major advantage that is beguiling to clients. But the problem is, the lack of drive to perform can be a pitfall to both parties — company and employees. Just like a luxury car, you can’t make it drive by itself if you don’t push the ignition button to start it up. If you clutch the wrong pedal or push the wrong button, things may go awry!

In today’s competitive marketplace, acing client impression is highly critical. These people basically feed the company for stable condition and longevity. With that being said, dealing with clients must come with pampering and genuine support to win them for the benefit of the business. Thus, quality service will benefit the business owners, employees, and clients collectively in the long run.

Here are some quick ways on how to deliver incredible service to clients.

  1. Listen – Just like the rest of the world, like you, clients want to be heard. They expend effort to reach you for their concerns; hoping for a positive response. As an efficient virtual assistant, lending your ears while churning the client’s concern is the best you can do. With this, you’d be able to understand the matter and quick to resolve it effectively.
  2. Be Friendly – As the popular adage says, “You had me at hello”; the best way to win your client’s heart is to be friendly. Starting off the day with warm greetings to the client establish friendship and solid professional connection. Moreover, making your voice a bit cheerful can help you ace the game and go on smoothly with the work.
  3. Say Thank You – Sweep that best impression by saying thank you regardless of the result of the conversation. This is a way to show your gratitude to them that will last permanently. The habit of saying thank you will also remind them of your company’s good service.
  4. Show Respect – Not every call is a good call; bad days may come such as bad temper at times. Generally, dealing with clients involves emotions. Thus, it is imperative to keep the emotion streak controlled. Respect is the best courtesy especially in handling difficult clients. Take note, never let the emotions engulf your composure as it can dig a grave for you — and it’s DEEP.
  5. Be Accessible – To keep things efficient and smooth, make sure that you’re one call away when the client needs you. Keeping the line active such as phone, Skype, email and social media will make it easier for the clients to contact you. With this, things will be much easier and fast as you keep your accessibility on down the line. Furthermore, no compromised productivity will happen.
  6. Show Confidence – Confidence goes to being upfront and showing tenacity at work. On the other note, honoring your commitment also implies confidence. There’s no need of sugarcoating during the conversation just to look confident; mean what you say. If you promised to submit the deliverables within a specific time-frame, do it! Superficial confidence is also a denial of promise. False assurance is a major setback for you and for the company.
  7. Do What Has Mentioned Above to Your Company Boss – The best way to practice the above-mentioned soft-skills is to start with your company superiors. Loyalty starts at home, and a workplace is a second place to call with. Excellent client service should start with the person who hired you. It often comes with consistency and passion to your work and the way you treat your colleagues. If you successfully embody the previous notes that were mentioned, then you are becoming a better person — inside and outside the company — who is responsible to work.

In the world of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), delivering stellar service to remote clients is crucial. They are the major reason why the business is thriving despite the cutthroat competition in the marketplace. Ultimately, this also goes to all the companies around the world. Whatever the industry you are working in, soft skills matter big time and this will build on a greener pasture.