Building up a website bespeaks numerous procedures before coming up with a compelling and operative one. Speaking about a dynamic website, the most crucial aspect of it is the landing page. To champion first-hand impression, a good landing page must provide all the necessary details to engage a site visitor. Moreover, highlighting the brilliance of the brand is imperative to push visitors down the conversion funnel and make them perform the significant action. With this, a site visitor can be converted as lead or even a prospect sale.

Conversion Begins on Landing Page

In spite of this marketing objective, many marketers in line struggle their way in materializing such goal. Some of them end up putting out a horrendous quality landing page which is nothing but an empty web page with asleep foundation. As a result, they suffer from a pitfall which discourages connection from prospective leads.

Roadblock, as it may seem yet the struggle begins with putting out all the relevant details in a nutshell to the landing page. However, bringing most of the information in one web page can lead up to disturbing concerns. For instance, a mixture of buttons and pop-ups generally irritates a visitor. Various color shifts and massive text breaks are not eye-catching, most of the time; at least for those who can’t fall fascination with vivid visuals. Psychology of it states that below par developed landing page are confusing. Page visitors oftentimes took a quick trip in searching for their needs and proceeding to any highlighting button for next action. If they can’t find it, finger scrolls will be rapid to click the close button.

Conversion is an elusive fowl in a jungle. Finding the right audience and getting them to the website is never an easy-peasy task. Unfortunately, gearing for that specific goal might be impossible if a website landing page doesn’t embody your brand objectives. Certainly, there is no definite standard on what an ideal landing page content is, but constituting a unique brand which resonates to the target audience will surely get the conversion on a light.

If you’re planning to launch a brand website or probably redesign the existing one, having these fundamental attributes to your landing page will certainly unfold dramatic results.

  1. User-Friendly Structure – Primarily, you have to begin on the basic element — the design structure — before proceeding to the intricate ones. A smooth and foolproof landing page format doesn’t throw in every single information in one setting. For a more responsive and appealing framework, the layout and call-to-action are preferably minimal and positioned on-top, respectively. Along with the anchor structure is the sections separating content to ensure that visitors won’t be confused on the contents. Also, to create a visually pleasing navigation to provide user experience. Herewith, a greater possibility of clicks and returns will take place in the long run — resulting to conversion of leads.
  2. Call-to-Action – Page visitors most of the time are indecisive when it comes to actions on the website. On this note, you can’t let them beat around the bush and confuse on what to do, that’s why call-to-action is on the go for an instruction. CTA or call-to-actions traditionally located on the bottom of a landing page or in a blog, however, this format won’t work effectively if the visitor doesn’t have a plan to stick around. Whether you want them to sign up for a newsletter or a sample program, it is a mission for a landing page to convince users to take substantial action via CTA. This key element is ultimately the green ticket to the next step to the much-awaited sale.
  3. Striking Headline – “Innovation beyond the Horizon”, a strong yet compelling headline from Blueprint’s landing page which established impression about the company’s innovative solutions. Most commonly, the website headline welcomes the page visitors and is the first thing that would appear on a landing page. In light of this, your landing page headline must be short, clear, conceptual and affirmative to compound brand character and long-lasting impression. Indeed, the main principle of the headline is to persuade people to go through further on the next elements and dig a for information relevant to them.
  4. Equilibrium of Text and Photos – Aesthetics are a matter of preference — truly, it is. But the easier it is for the visitors to digest the content on the landing page, the higher the increment to success will come in. Symmetry of photos and the clarity of texts reflect the brand, collectively. For the photos, integrate the high quality yet optimized picture that would model your brand in a positive and interesting manner. The text, on the other hand, must be clear and readable without losing the creative touch. Although distinct logic comes behind in every design we choose, yet it is essential to deliver a message without cluttering interference behind it. Channel your landing page at its best, pertinent to the emotions of your visitors.
  5. Guarantee Credibility – The digital universe can be much made in heaven, yet you can’t eradicate its dark side as a region of scam and illicit activities, performed by many delinquents. Nevertheless, you can fight this stigma and showcase your reputable business online. Showing off your social status must not be a problem to any brand. Various authentication features such as page reviews and customer testimonials can allocate a tidbit space on your landing page, enhancing your credibility. For novices and startups in the game, the mentioned features may not be applicable for the time being but certain alternatives can be done still. For instance, a video marketing showing your services along with people behind can match as a forthright evidence. Endorsements, recommendations from influential consumers, and accreditations would solidify your company’s integrity at any expense.

Now that you’ve come across the essential elements on coming up with an ideal landing page, the true challenge has just begun. There’s no room for passivity in creating a highly engaging and converting landing page. You can’t just finish it up and run it like an automated machine and wait for results. By time to time, optimization and tweaking must be a habit to ensure its mobility. Best practice starts with analysis and tune in some effort on changing what’s needed to be changed. Although there is no template for a perfect converting landing page, a willpower to experiment and test the game is enough to foresee success in the end.