It was 5 am in the morning when the ecstatic Blueprint aces gathered along the Marigondon meeting point — strident and enthusiastic as they equipped themselves for the island hopping spree in the tropical isle of Pandanon. Despite the frigid weather, everyone patiently waited until the clock ticked 6 and drove off to Cordova for departure.

Smudge on some sunscreens and flaunt on those thongs! As the sun rose in fiery bloom last 18th of March, the goofy aces hollered in excitement as they carefully trailed the pump-boat bridge to settle in the boat’s interior. It was an hour and a half boat-ride, but the curvy cruise and waves in azure blue audaciously engulfed our state of reverie — making us giggle and squeal in surprise. The alluring lucid ocean is tranquil with the wind gently touching our physiques while the fused sound of the waves and engine came in as an auditory treat to our senses.

Panoramic view of paradise

BEWILDERED. Before reaching the dock, the picturesque sceneries have taken us into jolt which magnified our excitement. The fixture of frost-like huge house welcomed us as we slowly approached the tip of the island. As we set our foot on the haven, the long strip of carpet sand kicked-off the summer daze fulfilling the tropical bliss we were about to experience. Enchanting as it seems, the pristine white aesthetics of the architectures captured our attention including the immaculate white chapel which stood proudly — reminding us of pleasant smiles and wedding gowns from romantic beach weddings.

Dashed across the beach in a rapture, we found ourselves rekindling the fire of childlike memories as we run bouncily like children until we reached the cottages. Meanwhile, a prominent structure of Roman-like columns became an ideal promenade for selfies and vogue shots.

Chow time!
A snapshot of our dearest March celebrants before devouring those sweets!

After an hour long of food preparation — the grilling session with Tatay (company CEO) and Kuya Jong — the Blueprint aces huddled together to celebrate the bounty food and birthdays of the March celebrants. The gastronomic lunch session was filled with laughter and boisterous energy signifying beyond collegiality relationship among each member of Blueprint Family.

The afternoon temperature had reached its peak while the aces went on hype with individual and group shenanigans. The playful ITs from admin, Joseph and Rowell together with Kiem were fooling around the cottage. Jonah (Blueprint’s COO), Ianne (CAO), and Nanay (CFO) were chattering fancily with the admin staff and other aces. Snapping while strolling on the beach; Teddy, Karen, Nino and Rey truly admired the sandbar whoops as they played some water splash, pulling them out of their zealous energy.

Commencement of the program followed afterward which began with an energetic cheering contest; courtesy of the admin group, marketing/sales team, and operations, respectively. The program was hosted by the company’s resident content specialists; Daryl Dizon and Sonny Temblor. Moving on, the marketing team subsequently came up with hilarious chant while Roycie, the graphic designer, performed a Vic Sotto-esque parody which delighted the spectators. The admin team blew our wigs away with their energetic cheer accompanied with strenuous choreography. And definitely not the least, the operations team upstaged a conventional harmonious chant with Nile as the center bravado.

The goal to escalate the energy for fun-filled activities were materialized after the cheering presentations. The next hour was spent with recreational games which challenged the camaraderie and endurance of every group. Things became much freaky as it involves some body rolling and awkward crawling on the sand under the glory of the sun. Priceless! More games were rejoiced on a frolic and the marketing/sales and admin group were declared as the confining winners.

To cool down the moment, the aces took a quick dip in the crystal-clear water, caressing our sun-kissed skin while the tropics and blazing heat immersed in our mini contemplation. It was the perfect moment to appreciate the merriment around while strangers from all walks of life were seen painting their moments to be cherished. The comfort breeze seized around us while eavesdropping on our little but honest conversation which led us to knowing the essence of each other. A mischievous attempt to cultivate genuine friendship — dissociating from our busy and emotional lives in the metropolis.