Ho ho ho! It’s that time of the year again. Fairy lights are twinking up above, stockings and candy canes are being hung around, holiday symphony starts playing everywhere, and the Christmas spirit comes alive.

It’s Christmas time in the air!

Here we go! We’re about to step into the last month of the year where great things are bestowed upon us. Every year, it is no secret that the Christmas holiday is recognized as the moment for joy and togetherness with people we hold dearly. In a side track, it is the time for a flurry of tempting shopping deals from a giant wave of holiday campaigns.

From giant brands to small enterprises, everyone competes in the same market arena called social media. Business marketers reach out to their target customers to entice them with tantalizing Christmas advertisements — in hopes for feedback.

In a consumer’s perspective, it is the ideal time to celebrate the cheer and indulge with material extravagance.

In the first place, who neglects big sales and promos? Well, practically, we choose who can offer the best shopping deals. Who wouldn’t? We love the best-buy promos to celebrate the season, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Ok. Going back on the campaign subject, the Christmas holiday is the right season to reinvent your social media accounts, engage the list of email subscribers, boost traffic, and increase sales. According to various retailers, the biggest sales increment happens over the holidays. With this, holiday activation is an awesome way for brands to stand out in the crowd and obtain sales and exposure!

So how will you spice up your marketing campaigns to go along with the wintry-breezy season? With numerous goals in mind, here are practical yet creative tips to capture the festive spirit in your marketing during this Christmas holiday!

1. Redesign Your Social Profiles

We love to embellish our own home with some fancy-glitzy decorations in harmony of the season. However, we tend to forget that our own virtual space can be furnished as well with festivity — especially social media pages.

Spruce up your Facebook and Twitter profiles with some charming graphics. If you’re running a holiday campaign, you can tweak things up by incorporating special holiday products/service and showcase it in the most jovial possible.

Surprise your followers with some Christmas aesthetics that consists of a stellar vibrant background and playful combination of other holiday elements like blizzards, gingerbread, candles, and twinkles would do. However, make sure to not lose sight of your brand identity — profile photos and cover banner are imperative elements of branding. Be wise in choosing the color fusion!

2. Hype Up and Run a Poll

Social media platforms nowadays are very much over the top in terms of post features. From comical GIFs to bizarre memes, social media like Twitter now allows official polls for newsfeed to amplify audience engagement.

Polls are fun and visually stimulating. Apart from its handy feature, polls have its practical values. Start the festivity by running a market research comparing two products of your business. With this, you’ll get an array of opinions from your followers on what interests them the most.

Social media polls have its boundless possibilities, maximize the tool and be strategic with your actions. Ultimately, you’ll conjure the best holiday options to increase the ROI of your business!

3. Bring out the Yuletide Visuals

When we say visuals, we are talking about the overall look of the marketing. Earlier we’ve discussed the importance of holiday spirits in social profiles. For this one, we’ll talk about bringing the snowy-reindeer-sleigh all over your marketing platforms including newsletter and website.

The Christmas visuals don’t have to be thrown around instantaneously to come up with a merry holiday attention. Although yuletide spirit is often depicted by snowy and red decorations, this isn’t the case always. You can come up with your own winter wonderland using your own brand identity visuals.

If your company’s brand color is blue, you can always proceed to conceive design plans revolving brand identity. Think about the blue sky and the blue sky and the bluebells. How about the magical images redesigned to your own brand colors? In the design principles, nothing is restricted. Sky’s the limit in terms of creativity.

4. Tell a Holiday Story

Cheer for the season of joy and extravagance! In the art of marketing, make use of the power of storytelling. Write a blog post about a heartwarming story to ignite the holiday spirit to your readers. Of course! Inspire them with your words and encourage them to join the experience.

A Christmas story doesn’t have to be the same cheesy-cliche narration about the holiday season. You can make it on your own by taking things a little bit personal on your table.

You can do this alternatively through a series of social media photos or an infographic. Make sure to uphold brand cohesion and content that is both inviting and inspiring.

5. Be a Little Extra With Giveaways

The spirit of Christmas is centralized at the idea of giving back to those who helped us get through the life. Rekindling our youthful spirit, we held strong delight to every sweet present we received from our loved ones. In the marketing perspective, giving back is not compulsory, it is a widespread tradition, too.

Prepare a little treat to your brand followers by offering special giveaways that would subtly promote your service. How about you prepare a special ebook and sent it out to your subscribers? Of course, don’t forget the unique hashtags to highlight how extraordinary these giveaways are!

But always remember, Christmas is the wonderful time of time year; so don’t spoil the moment by overselling your for products as you must focus on creating a festive yet warm mood for everyone. Come on and spread the holiday cheer before it last!