Securing a marvelous job in a cosmopolitan office building is a dream come true for many. Grinding in a lucrative work-from-home occupation is a corporate perk others could only dream of. With the accelerating internet momentum outstripping the landscape, the stereotypical office career from what we have seen in the pop movies significantly saw a decline. Remote workplace concept has overtaken the scene as a glamorous lifestyle a hard working Millennial can attain of. Remember the days when our aunties aspire to strut in business casual with alluring makeup while striding their way inside an elevator chattering with colleagues? Although some of us still desire to achieve this type of corporate setup, many from this generation drastically aim for a productive working day in sweatpants and bloomers — fulfilling the passion of a work-life balance at home.

In this highly-industrialized generation, perception to work environment has been divided into varying terms. The advent of technology become an excuse to obtain homework and enjoy subsequent solitude. For the competitive souls, a concrete office environment comes in handy to feel the adventure and sense of community; not to mention the interpersonal connection and personal growth.

To spoil you from impending arguments, check out these insights below as we spill on some objective comparison between brick and mortar office VS. work-from-home.

Corporate Office Work

  1. Social Network – Working in a corporate building fosters professional network and hearty relationship alike. Commencing your weekdays with “hi” and “hellos” can be rewarding to most of us. The convenience of striking conversations is a scenery most of us aspire in a daily grind. Hence, building connection with others is a common joy. Mentorship and positive peer pressure are positive reinforcement for us to be passionate about work including your last-minute elevator moments, smoke breaks and quick lunches. Sequentially, workplace collegiality boosts cognitive functioning resulting in sheer productivity and self-gratification.
  2. Career Growth & Challenges – An office work can either be an episode of Hunger Games or Netflix drama. Not much like of a dystopian caricature some workers claim, a corporate environment significantly promotes recognition marathon and competitions. Truthfully, because of these given workplace elements, personal attainment to career growth is very much possible. Workplace competition conjures career growth if you play the cards well. Being around career driven people motivates you to the extent of climbing the corporate ladder gradually. Perks like this will depend on how you react to the workforce diversity — either it can make you or break you.
  3. Showcase Deep-Seated Soft Skills – In a place where rules and regulations govern, you’re left with no choice but to adapt and spread your peacock feathers. A corporate structure is designed to operate people as per stated on contacts. Constantly surrounded by people will unleash your hidden skills and discover abilities you’ve never known you are capable of. Immediate feedback also mold us to perform on our most efficient demeanor — making it a key to our way to a higher hierarchy. Adaptability to a myriad number of varying knowledge can eventually be emulated for personal development. Needless to say, slacking off inside a business office is not part of the picture. You will need to hold accountability to your words and actions.

Working From Home

  1. Flexible Control – Defining your ideal environment is your decision when working remotely. Even if how much outrageous or unusual it is, you establish your own working space base for personal convenience. No printed rules; no contracts or judicial limitations — you can do everything under the heat of the sun as long as you submit your deliverables on designated time-frames. It’s your prerogative to wake up in disjointed hours daily and the freedom to smear the taco cream on your keyboard. With your intimate carpeted space, you can swamp all day long sporting an oversize jersey shirt and banana pillow while hustling on your Mac notebook.
  2. Solitary Confinement – You can fill in your headspace with tranquility or go on from the working table to bedsheet real quick as you please. As desired by many job seekers this generation, working from home is a pleasure of detachment from social anxiety. Therefore, the liberty of stillness is a privilege if you’re living in a quiet place. No colleague distractions, remote from nagging superiors, and resounding abrupt phone calls. To some, this sound-hushed advantage cultivates exceptional productivity and efficiency.  
  3. Less Financial and Time Burden – Commuting in a highly urbanized metropolis can be stressful both mentally and physically. The biggest advantage of working remotely is the immunity from spending extra bucks for food or transportation fares. Subway or highway traffic consume lots of time especially to those who lived in secluded areas. Furthermore, cooking your own lunch and dinner is of benefit without worrying where to buy extra oyster sauce for your roasted chicken meal. Since you organize your personal working hours, getting late is nonexistent from the narrative. In a nutshell, you can kickoff your day in a soothing fashion without hanging “buts” and extra restraints.

The two distinct work environment definitely varies from person to person. Technology may have contributed in large-scale to the home base archetypical workplace, but office model environment still prevails to this generation. Despite the contradicting principles of two working models, the goal to be productive while learning and earning is still the fashion. Regardless of whichever works for you, the bottom line remains that either one can build you and appease your holistic growth.