Imagine yourself stepping out of the workplace building, with an ear-to-ear smile and gratified sigh. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to walk down the hallway —  feeling productive and accomplished?

Saying that you have felt fulfillment in your career is an understatement. It is more than just a day when you were part of something marvelous and contributed that extra nudge to make things happen. You know very well that you’re at the top of your game and tasks were done efficiently out of your creative grind and skills sets. Productivity parallels the critical success of every company. Business executives hire talented people and expect to get the work done on or before the deadline. Intelligent planning and core-efforts create the flow of productivity.

Here are some of the fundamental walk-through to get that inner “get-it-done” attitude you’ve always wanted.

  1. Take To-Do-List as Holy Reference – It’s absolutely normal when things get out of hand at work. Papers falling off of our desks while notifications unceasingly pop on the screen — a ‘great’ way to start a day. A myriad number of tasks from simple to complex ones occupy a colossal partition on your day-to-day routine. That’s why seeking productivity aid like preparing a to-do list before kicking off the day’s working spree can make a difference. Staying on top of the loop without tying a knot can be done if tasks were organized based on priority. Thinking about it as a quest can challenge oneself to tick off everything on the list and finish the day at a healthy stress level.
  2. Crumble-down the Clutter – Decluttering your life can increase productivity in a blink. Possible but easier said than done? Sometimes we feel like our environment is a kaleidoscope of moving and vibrant objects. And these things don’t always come as inspiration, others also imply a distraction. Hence, making a habit of dislodging junk before your eyes is a must prelude. These entail little things like clearing up the desk, maintaining a steady routine or tidying up your desk and paperwork. In such way, the mental state will be clear frame of vision, allowing you to work efficiently.
  3. Withdraw from Disruptions – Dealing with interruptions is inevitable, but minimizing them is viable. Company policies might just be around, but temptations are huddling everywhere in the corners, for sure. Checking in on your social media accounts can be disruptive. Although it is quite essential as well to reconnect with creative vision; but checking random video clips every single minute is a different story! Another thing is a colleague who happened to appear on your station to engage in casual chit-chats. Circumstances like these can dismantle your pattern of focus and drop off productivity. Limiting social media scrolls, turning off notifications and politely dismissing a chatting colleague, can keep your grinding on the right track.
  4. Fall Into Peaceful Slumber – An optimal amount of sleep doesn’t just produce endorphins for positive mood and energy regeneration — it can also make you dream about your promotion and ultimately turn it into reality. Absolutely! Achieving a career breakthrough eventually starts with hard work and some adequate hours of sleep. If one is sleep-deprived, there’s a big chance you’re antagonizing a meeting with the boss or a deadline because of chronic stress and exhaustion. Moreover, sleep helps you make better decisions and cement your memory for more mobilize functioning.
  5. Proliferate Collaboration – Pursuing help from your colleagues doesn’t always connote weakness or negligence. The element of delegation can be a bit precarious, but this also signifies trust for the skill-set of your comrade — and you believe that the person can propagate fruitful result out of the joint effort. When you seek assistance, you got the luxury to spend generous time on further tasks. That’s why seeking help to the right person is vital. A professional and reliable team creates an absolute result.
  6. Deluxe Treatment for Positive Reinforcement – The paramount bliss you feel when you achieve a milestone is the organic reward you get. However, honoring oneself literally after a job well done is essential. Rewarding yourself and your family with a bountiful meal is a worthwhile treat. Sassy shopping stint or a massage are some hippy-goodies you totally deserved. Perhaps you can take yourself on a trip, watch a musical concert or buy an evocative novel book. Regardless of how you reward yourself, the act must come as positive reinforcement to keep vigorous motility to yearn for more successes in the future.
  7. Make Realistic Goals as Stratagem – Eradicating the theory of attaining over-the-top ‘perfection’ breeds confidence against drawbacks. On the other hand, one can obtain excellence without branding it as perfection. We all know that perfection is subjective and into deeper philosophies to make its variables objective. Motivating oneself into perfect idealism can actually burn-out and may only lead to frustration and anxiety. Rather than wasting time chasing after this illusion, exert your best effort while being passionate about it. Thereupon, balancing both personal and professional goals to achieve the desired outcome is more imperative.