It is fundamental for every business owner to bridge the gap in the workforce. Establishing an organic relationship and building rapport can generate seamless productivity. Simply put, motivating connections with colleagues will ensure that the work gets done accurately and proficiently.

I know some of the partners are hesitant and anxious about working with offshore staff because of cultural differences. That’s now considered old news, it’s commonly known that Filipinos are the most westernized populace in Asia. Filipino remote staff are well-trained to become professionals that can adapt to various cultural climates. Moreover, many foreign entrepreneurs recognized Filipinos’ skill set as an essential factor for progress. This workforce has proven their work ethic and magnitude in performing a wide range of tasks.

A smooth-sailing working relationship with Filipino Remote Staff is a necessity, but this means a default responsibility for you as a direct superior. Dealing with your workforce doesn’t mean that you have to put on several hats in dealing with them. All you have to do is to show the same courtesy, be polite in working with them. Above all, show utmost respect and understand variations as they will not hesitate to reciprocate and undoubtedly possess and exhibit loyalty.

In this article, I will be sharing quick tips about working with Filipinos. For you may enjoy a happy and long-lasting working relationship.

Communicative Leadership

The cliché goes “Communication is the key to success”. Yes, this statement may have gone trite and boring, but this is a powerful tool especially for leaders to manage subordinates. Filipinos are known friendly by nature. Constant communication — professional or casual — can build your remote staff’s confidence to speak often. This will also break the barrier of intimidation and can result in more effective instruction. Effectively handling conflicting ideas takes patience and understanding. That’s why giving weight to their opinions is a necessity, whether it’s positive or negative. Instead of asking Yes or No questions, ask open-ended questions; this will encourage open communication with your Filipino remote staff and effectively bring out their bright and creative ideas.

Set Standards and Expectations

Set the work guidelines and expectations along with the job details and your remote staff will follow them by default. Filipinos are proven competent, they are persistent in setting the bar high and passionate to exceed expectations. With proper supervision, don’t be surprised if your Filipino staff will go the extra mile to get the job done.

Reward and Recognize Success

Positive reinforcement parallels workforce motivation and skills improvising. Acknowledging your Remote staff’s effort and success means heartfelt gratitude to them. Filipinos generally are light-hearted and sensitive, that’s why any ‘word’ for a job well-done means so much to them. Giving proper credit to an effort is a way of taking care of your employees.

Problem Solving

Every leader has the right to test his people as a form of evaluation. Problem-solving can be uniting or disruptive depending on the way it’s communicated. It is also an opportunity to attest skills and productivity, exercise quick wit, and think on their toes. The deep-seated characteristics of Filipinos to compete healthily will play an advantage to this. Instead of bearing it as pressure, they will show self-reliance and use their skills and common sense to achieve set forth goals.

Sensitive and Constructive Criticism

Filipinos are sensitive when it comes to their work. As much as they put a lot of heart into their job, they are also sensitive about superior remarks. That’s why going back to number 1, clear communication is crucial in delivering instructions or remarks. Give proper correction in a downbeat manner and this excludes berating, sarcasm, or yelling at them. Most importantly, set new and positive goals instead of reprimanding the missed ones. You can do this by giving constructive criticism while keeping your remote staff’s self-esteem intact.