Change is something constant in this world.

Vehicles passing on the street in split seconds. Thin-skinned kids grow older — as they flee away from their innocence. Seasons shift from spring to autumn, as it chronicles a significant life story. People used to laugh at birthdays; now they’re worn out at the holidays. Ladies used to sing lullabies at midnights; now they’re dancing as their body ache. Business tycoons retire from their jobs, just to play with grandchildren after siesta. A friend used to tap your back when things go awry in many ways. And lastly, remember those Thursday nights when you used to see how the evening dusk engulfed the blazing sky. You are there, sitting on the frosty roof, bewildered by the possibilities and changes that may come.

All these things — good and bad — are seen before your eyes and felt by the heart. With these surreal circumstances, life indeed changes every day for every person in some forms. Either way, a change could lead to reinvention or as a thorn of destruction.  

The Life Concept of Reinvention

Here’s a question for you: How do you accept change? Do you consider this as an opportunity to evolve? Do you wallow in fear as you know something, or maybe someone would bid goodbye to you?

Whether you like it or not, change is fundamental to life. Sometimes, people, including you, consider change as a formidable experience. A wrecking ball which may push us to come out of our comfort zone before we shatter. It is an intangible force that can bring painful and facile adjustments. But have you tried taking yourself into a state of contemplation? A personal evaluation to ponder about life alone and simply disregard those who were submerged by the distorted concept of change?

Buddy, change is not solely about breakups and fancy goodbyes. Never drown yourself in the river that you made out of tears and despair. Change can be something else and different. In my case, I call it advancement; a personal development; a timely discovery; and purposeful reinvention.

Reinvention: Either it deals with personal pursuits or in a business trail, reinvention is a subject seldom discussed in groups or dealt with oneself. If we get the chance to stand in a mystical place and think about ourselves as a tree, probably the essence that we get from that introspection will likely make us see our character in a different light.

In a similar note, career is the thing we cater the most as we grow professionally. Critically, this period of life has a dominant shot in dictating what our life should be in the future. Embodying the drive to reinvent, while ‘change’ accelerates the growth of our career.

They say life revolves around our deeper within; a mental and spiritual factor that is pivotal in our reinvention. Life is radically hard and complex in many forms. We seek answers concerning things we lack in immediate need. Routinary cycle of day-to-day basis is becoming tasteless as you grow old. We dine with the same people. We laugh at the same jokes. We work with the same mistakes. We quarrel at the same jaded arguments. And yet, we reconcile with the same reasons. It seems like invisible strings are pulling us together to do the same thing over and over again. Isn’t it exhausting?

With all these unchanging grooves, you desire for the green light to signal you to take a substantial leap. A swift transition from the passive phase you are in to a new unfamiliar yet brand new zone. But unfortunately, the subconscious voice is telling you to hold back. There is a little voice whispering about the risks you may encounter. Hence, you decided to take two steps backward before it could lead to downfall. Now, that’s when reinvention needs to come into the picture.

A surreal symbolism of conquering demons before reinvention. © artofthemystic

Reinvention of craft can be done in a flexible fashion. We all take various trajectories to fulfill a sense of validation in the eyes of people around us. You aim to prosper a career growth but should take a path that will linger to your desires attentively. The aspiration to step up your craft is a way to approach change in your career. The spark that flickers up to the ceiling until it triggers the drive to make a drastic change for critical reinvention. For some people, reinvention is like a divine calling where you get to reassess temperament to be the best version of ourselves.

Signs That You Are On the Verge of Reinvention

After you push the boundaries following the hardships you experienced, you get the reward for discovering the new you. You become a little kinder to your inner self. You accept judgment constructively without scrutinizing your character negatively. The inner voice from within has a positive tone as it allows you to replenish the mindset to encourage you to make a change. Furthermore, this will drive you to envision and become someone you dream of and you know you’ll get to reach it in the matter of time.

Bad days will come, inevitably. Face it. But you know that this newly found change will fully uplift you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a solo flight at the beginning. You will meet people who would partake the challenges with you eventually. Change the dark curtains to white ones. Just let the sunshine radiate in vigor to your senses. Maneuver your life and flame the engine. Envision yourself starring in a lifelong movie that centers on your prestige and inner champion. Ultimately, your craft will be honed along the way — and it will serve as a testimony of your hard work and reinvention.