Call it what you want; #cool, #modern, #stylish, #sleek, #trendy, #bandwagon, #silly, a state-of-the-art, but hashtags are coming their way to social network visibility no matter what happens to the social media landscape. Probably to some, maybe for you, hashtags have become an overuse figure, spread and integrated into almost every social post daily. But admit it, you have also used some hashtags on the social posts, at least once or twice in your life — unless you’re living under the rock.

The integration of hashtag has taken the social media landscape into greater heights. People that are not familiar with it might think that hashtag is just a piece of artsy symbol for posting aesthetics purposes, but they’re absolutely wrong. Previously known as the “number” and “pound” sign, hashtags have become a deviceful metadata element for a long streak already. The symbol was coined as a universal emblem that bridges diverse social gaps together through the use of relevant words or phrases. In simple terms, hashtags link contents on the internet.

Let’s Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Hashtags

Hashtags are heralded as the future of digital marketing despite not being an entirely new concept of practice. Hashing was done way back circa 1988 on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Just like what the present does, hashtags are used to classify data such as messages, photos, videos and other relevant content into groups. With this, hashtagging came in as a handy notion to search for associated and related information.

Since then, hashtag became a wide-ranging #trick to the internet generation; making a significant sweep across the virtual outskirts. Early social networks like Twitter incorporated the hashtag latter-year of 2007, from the blog post of Stow Boyd. As a result, the hashtag birthed the contemporary term “trending” which connotes gravitation of a certain discussion online on a specific period of time. Netizens (internet users) have used these into their accounts, which flamed the other social media networks. Today, both terminologies — ‘hashtag’ and ‘trending’ — have seen a critical display on the internet as one of the widely used words highlighting the virtual popularity.

Hashing Some Power!

Reach out for that awesome greatness! Hashtags have framed its legacy to the digital marketing and social media world. The advent of modern marketing scheme has channeled the prevalence of hashtag by harnessing insightful interactions through social networks. Business owners have adapted the norm and made access to the limitless possibilities on the innovative platforms. Moreover, digital marketing specialists utilize hashtagging to generate prospect consumers and clients easily. Truly, hashtags can definitely bridge the gap and reach out to the target markets in a variety of bracket.

Hashing for Virality!

You know it. In just a random click, you can take the spotlight all over and get the people talking about you all day long. Yes, if you will assimilate virality on the marketing, the business can reach a global peak, which is totally advantageous to the campaigns. Hence, all those peering eyes can be probable prospects who can connect with you for a meaningful business transaction. All made possible if you strategically positioned your marketing effort together with all the relevant hashtags.

When to Start Hashing some Hashtags?

Don’t get that wandering eyes of yours think about irrelevant answers with doubt; START RIGHT NOW! Boost your marketing effort with some ‘free-famed-machine’ called hashtags. Not only millennials, but almost all of the living entity who were engrossed by the internet has been using it for their benefit. You have probably seen your virtual acquaintance spatting out some explicit rant on Facebook and ending it with powerful hashtags like #SorryNotSorry or #NeverAgainFakeFriend which blew your wig away. Buddy, pretty sure it made an impression on you.

Don’t call it a bandwagon; call it a holistic branding. For business, you can create a distinct and monumental hashtag, which is unique to your brand. Incorporating this into your bio, social media posts, blogs and discussions can boost significant exposure to the target market. All you have to do is to create quality content and be consistent on hashing. Be critical and join some niche related communities and tackle out your business and snatch that ‘head-turning-first-impression’ to the people and keep on circulating useful information to feed prospects and get them connected with you, subsequently.

Digital marketing has diversified its avenue through the years. And hashtag has become a recurring standard of the marketing scheme for ages already. If you think #hashtags will have its way declining anytime soon, better yet think again.

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