The reception of Mobile Marketing has always been acclaimed from both commercial and critical aspects. With the hefty number of following from the people, technological vanguards were ratified to produce more of the advancement. Since then, mobile development has become a form of gratification for a few decades already. Because of its handy and conductive functionality, strong surge of demand has magnified the likes of the public for mobile technology — pushing android development to prominence. 

How the widespread of Android Development caters the general public?

With the birth of Android Operating System, the landscape of mobile development has completely changed. Android has become the most popular and visionary mobile platform to date, alongside iOS. With this, steadfast pursuit among the people was seen continually, solidifying its legacy and undisputed influence to civilization. The efficacy of this mobile player (android) has been proven effective as it powers over hundreds of millions of mobile devices.

After fleshing out the concept of operating system into a tangible application, ingenious developers have continuously upgraded its components for an innovative version. However, cutthroat competition has risen along the way of Android progression. The iOS operating system has escalated its game for a higher increment; making Android developers experience complexities in its strides. Because of the stiff contention between the two operating platforms, an endless argument of which OS is better has become a sensationalized subject of debate among the contemporary critics.

The amplification of android technology in the market drastically influenced the lifestyle of many people. Countless of Android applications are being installed daily on any mobile platform. Commercial marketplace like Google Play has played a major role in the distribution of Android applications. Penetrating the inclination of the users’ likes for virtual entertainment and services including games, digital references, multimedia, security tools and utilities.

The Works of an Android Developer

An Android developer is your geeky comrade who develops applications for smart devices powered by the Android technology. They navigate intricate specifications and acquire a license before publishing the application to virtual stores for purchase. Moreover, they must have a profound understanding of the complex practices and setups — design and development phases — revolving around the operating system platform.

Typically, mobile application projects have varied phases to complete, encompassing design phase, development phase, and the submission process. In addition to that, many Android developers are basically “full stack” who works in the multiplex phases both programmer and designer. However, Android development can have separate people to work in specific phases to maximize diverse skills set. For the success of the application project, one must hire an android developer who can work on UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). Though, one can also hire separate developers to fill in the essential components.


  • Administering wireframes and designs into excellent code;
  • Building and maintaining superior performance and steady Java Code;
  • Safeguard the quality and responsiveness of the application;
  • Testing the application for possible bugs and fixing for better performance;
  • Performing upgrades, automation, organization and Maintain the quality of codes;
  • Provide technical insight to the team for content ideas; and
  • Manipulate, retrieve and store data to take grasp on system requirements.

Possibilities for Android development is truly boundless. The mobile innovation has given us front-line experience which pushes the envelope of bionic advancement. The state-of-the-art platform has become a digital haven providing answers to our needs. Since the android development is accessible everywhere, premier marketplaces are expected to boost its leading-edge applications to sustain the clamorous nature of modern entities.