Adventure is a state of mind.

Yes, it is. But in our case, we took it in a different level. A little bit extra. Much carefree, nonchalant and for some reason, emancipated.

It has been a stress-inducing yet a fruitful week for the Blueprint aces. After the series of clamorous challenges, there is this essential need to loosen up. An urge to hop away from the city and paint the winding road with vivid smiles until we reach our very destination.

You keenly feel the want to get surrounded with waves of laughter plus gastronomic food and drinks to fully emerge in a fun-filled Sunday getaway.

Guess what? Great things do happen for those who wait. After a week of buckling hard, everyone geared up for the most awaited Blueprint Adventure at Papa Kits’ Lagoon, situated in the modest town of Liloan, Cebu. For most of us, it is a time to remove ourselves from the routine and do some activities to enjoy.

But for me, it is a moment to get drawn by the green space to contemplate. To get lost with my thoughts and linger over ideas inside my head. Nonetheless, it is a well-deserved rejuvenation for us.

As we head off on an hour drive to reach the destination, everyone was exhilarated sharing their loud stories and infectious giggles. Finally setting our feet on the ground of Papa Kit’s Lagoon resort, we were mesmerized by the serenity and evergreen around us.

Afterwards, we took an easy stroll around the place, before proceeding to the function hall to prepare for the main affair.

The Right Moves

It was not only a day for everyone to relax and sip on their cold beers. It was a day of vanity and talents, as well. We spent a delightful afternoon of good food and… some serious body rolls and booty shakes. Yes! The Blueprint aces did that. Not only they are skilled in their own respective roles in the job. They also possess this charm to show off some ferocious attitude and groove to the beat.

Corresponding teams from various departments performed a series of dynamic and high energy choreographies inspired by an array of sonic melodies like hip-hop, pop, and jazz.

The competition was on fire. Who would forget the military-esque performance by Team Roycie? The feminist diva spectacle by Team Karen? The nineties throwback party by Admin Team? Sonny who single-handedly devoured the stage? The boy-next-door visuals by Team Rey? And of course, Team Lugie who showcased K-Pop flavor in vehemence.

After a highly contested dance competition, Team Roycie emerged as the winner.

Following the dance performances were the most anticipated inflatable challenge.

The Inflatable Challenge

As the scorching heat reached its fever pitch, the aces walked their way to the inflatable playground to smudge on some adrenaline junkies. It is time to play and indulge in the inviting sea and gigantic floating trinkets. It was the moment of truth for everyone if they can navigate the insane walkthrough obstacle course without flopping on water. The water-y inflatable ground is comprised of trampolines, towers, giant slides, ladders, swings, and human launchers!

From afar, and by the way it looks, the inflatable playground seems like an easy-peasy course to go through which echoes back to my juvenile days of shenanigans. But the truth is, you need a strong grip, serious balance and play tango with the friction in order to survive each section. And oops! The waves won’t let you recover that easily, you need to exert endurance in swimming back and forth to the course point to resume your play.

To amp up the challenge, the aces were divided into three competing teams. Members from each team competed from one another and the winner is determined based on who’s the quickest one to withstand all obstacles.

The sun blazed its dazzling rays upon our skin as we continued striving to win the challenge. When the game ends, it became apparent to us that a place this fun can be substituted for a rigorous workout. Well, needless to say, it takes lots of energy, agility, and resilience for anyone to ace the game. And I swear to God, it feels like lifting weights and running on a liquify treadmill. Nevertheless, the challenge was a sheer adventure of merriment — evident in the ear-to-ear smiles of Blueprint aces!

It was a pretty well-spent Sunday. We ended the day with cold beers and hot talks as our companions while we huddled in circle to spin the empty bottle. No secrets, no inhibitions!

The day also reminded us of how amazing it is to have fun sometimes. To run away from the city; flee away from commitments. Walk our willing feet with the right people, with an excited mind and a blissful heart.