As the dazzling Thanksgiving rolls around,
It brings a warm sensation that’s quite profound.
Cranberries and pumpkin pies, in silver plates.
Clinking wine glasses and cheery smiles are never late.
The holiday is meant for savory delights so sweet.
For this month we’re giving you a very special treat!


It’s Thanksgiving time! Imagine your daily waking day warmed with some wonderful essence. Wouldn’t it be a pleasant experience? Although Thanksgiving comes as a holiday for the feast to celebrate festivity and fervent gratitude, the deepest essence of Thanksgiving is something more compelling and benevolent. Inherently it is to recognize the success of noble work, a bountiful year, in the presence of family and dearest of friends.

It’s been a year full of great stories to tell. From this day forward, we will continue our purpose to raise the APLUS flag. Our commitment to honor both our people and clients, to be the front-runners and chasers of your Blueprint of Success.

And now that the perfect opportunity has come, Blueprint Business Solutions would like to express our heartfelt gratitude. To celebrate our A-PLUS talents and partners, we are giving a DOLLAR OFF on ALL hourly rates until November 21, 2018. Maximize the huge monthly savings and full-time access to world-class virtual staff now!

We look forward to welcoming you to Blueprint Business Solutions.