A sapphire blue and crystal white themed evening awaited guests as Blueprint Business Solutions officially stridden into the competitive market of the BPO industry. The stellar event was attended by family friends, acquaintances, colleagues, businessmen —  and was an opportunity for an intimate gathering for the momentous celebration.

As the night curtain fell, the event commenced with a warm reception from spectators last October 8 one recent Sunday. Friendly chattering and bouquet of crisp and tannic wines put everyone at ease with delight. Hosted by Ms. Victoria Gatchalian — the Blueprint’s resident HR Administrator — the official website was announced for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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Spearheaded by the company President & CEO, Mr. Antonio Bande Jr., and his dearest spouse, Mrs. Irene Bande, the company CFO. The launching kicked off with a ribbon cutting wherein lighted candles aglow in consonance from the attendees. The ceremony symbolizes matrimony of iconic and Godly beginning. Materializing a glorious inception, a prayer blessing eventuated around the office perimeter for the company, family, and employees. A warm welcome was also addressed by the face of Blueprint himself, Mr. Antonio Bande Jr. Commended by the lulling applause from his subordinates and attendees. Keeping the mood on the hype — a toast was followed, initiated by Mrs. Ianne Badayos, CAO; and Ms. Jonah Mae Bande, COO of the company. Glass clinks and cheery-smiles were shared; symbolizing goodwill, honor and life-long success.

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The night couldn’t have gotten any better, but it did. A gastronomic session was indulged and palatable food was served for the thanksgiving dinner. Mingling conversations and ecstatic mood transcended the newly launched Blueprint office — establishing a diverse connection and zestful friendship.

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As a family owned and operated company, Blueprint Business Solutions phases a new corporate chapter for the Bande family. Armed with tailored-fitting skilled workforce, the company is heading to a new milestone, guided by APLUS culture. Ready to serve its clients by providing them the perfect tool in their remote staffing needs.

Integrating a unique platform and A-PLUS values is what made Blueprint a reality. With motivation from family and life experiences, working with the key leaders and becoming an industry innovator is truly a day to remember.