I reckon you have heard about this passage — a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures have the ability to resonate in many forms that vary to perspective a person would take. This long-standing adage cultivates the aesthetic culture of collective words. Also, it has always been a norm to people that visual presentation procreates a comprehensive message in general. With this, the use of photos become a widespread benchmark around the world. This medium (pictures) are being used as an archetype in publication, television, and of the internet — a standard medium that is used in the virtual staffing industry.

Citing out the medium, the far-reaching internet is being used as a tool for marketing tactics in businesses and this goes to its auxiliary — the social media.

In today’s business world, social media becomes an immediate avenue in positioning company brand in a sophisticated light. Especially in the virtual staffing sphere. People all around the world are being engulfed by various information through social media. And when it’s social media, the one that can command attention will eventually sell. And the best avenue to showcase marketing visuals is the fundamental media called “Instagram”.

Many virtual staffing companies are using Instagram for the exhibition of business culture and brand awareness. This is not for the purpose to look updated online, but as a business imperative, every company should have.

As of September 2017, over 800 million monthly active users have been quantified in the latest Statica census from January 2013 to September 2017. This is a testimony of how social media (e.g. Instagram) become a lifestyle and a necessity.

Virtual staffing through Instagram, and beyond borders.

Instagram has a distinct heraldry amongst other social media pages. It has a different approach in sending out messages to its vast following. With this, Instagram becomes a trajectory platform for commercial information — not to mention the posted random selfies, brunches, kitten clips, and candid vogues. This has proved that visual content is very critical for companies to execute on a digital marketing effort.

When you speak about ‘business’, this generally connotes formality and stagnant standards. You have the website and company blueprint to expound about serious information of company interest. With social media — especially Instagram — business owners can present the brand in a more organic, approachable and compelling manner. In addition, it’s a place to position the daily curated content and showcase its personality without overwhelming the audience. Simply put, Instagram is a haven for human interest. That’s why it is no wonder why the virtual staffing sphere has buckled their way of promoting services on Instagram and other social platforms.

Okay now, perhaps you’re thinking like ‘I must lay my cards and bet my marketing effort to Instagram for instagood?’ Practically, yes. Well, remember that most prospective clients all over the world are social-media savvies. If you want that piece of content to be set on sight with people, embark some few clicks and sign-up to Instagram. Maximize your creativity and let your audience respond to the visual information you’re feeding.  

What’s good?

Instagram posts receive tremendous engagement if done strategically. Note that Instagram has no edge rank algorithm that determines the post that should populate on real-time feed. Every single publish will be seen in the feed of every single follower — this is if they don’t slack in scrolling spree, of course.

Keep yourself on the right track by understanding the basic practices in social media. Integrate with the trend and engage users on a personal level. Also, keep an active wit in participating conversations and decide on a tone that would suit your branding. Use the technical expertise with social logic in participating the trend of Instagram for marketing purposes.

Use relevant hashtags strategically and you’ll be surprised by the surge of likes from random related followers. The usage of hashtag will keep your post relevant and connect with your related niche and industry. Use this to your advantage to increase impressions and possible engagements. Make sure that the following hashtags are pertinent to your brand. Take this is an instance. Blueprint uses hashtags such as #BlueprintBPO or #APLUS to showcase the main brand and company culture. The company also incorporates related industry subjects such as #RemoteStaffing or #VirtualStaffing. The purpose of your content also matters the most, but being consistent in putting brand hashtags is very imperative and a must. Keeping it sassy and upbeat by adding some funny and inkling hashtags will lighten the mood of your content. Well, pretty sure you know about this.

You can boost exposure also by making the visual content brief and relatable — the general basic rule. You can see those fancy and vibrant quotes and tips all over your Insta feed and people live with it. Elevate your style and take a quick stroll on inspirations and learn — but don’t copy!

In most virtual staffing marketing, many digital marketers are showcasing behind the scenes of operations to strip down the formal image. Instagram has been used as an avenue for this technique to give the followers an insight of the company’s vulnerable side.

Instagram has proven that social media marketing is fun! No spamming, no force persuasion — just pageant the message through visual spectacle. As the social site is gripped by massive following, marketing of products and service comes in handy and merry.