A decade ago, Philippines experienced the economic turbulence that affected its subordinates and clustering regions. This industry fiasco had caused turmoil and unexpected recession in the country’s economy. But guess what, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) stepped its foot to the Philippine territory, heading its way into skyrocket prominence. Because of this, Philippines commenced a grandiose return to the global market — coining its globally established legacy.

The BPO industry as one of the dynamic sectors in the Philippines contributed large-scale in the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and employment rate — proving its unquenchable dominance over the industry circle. Furthermore, the Philippines outstripped its outsourcing-counterparts, becoming the most preferred offshore destination in the global sphere.

But, how BPO Industry plays a role in the squeezing-square working conditions in the country?

In this fast-paced and competitive working ground, one must be vigilant and prudent before embarking a move in the city jungle. Seeking for a job position was never easy. Both professionals and novices are willing to dance in the rain, as long as things will fall into their ideals.

That’s why the innovative industry of BPO lead off a way to aid unemployment — offering lucrative and practical job positions in the table. However, despite the invariable surge of eminence, negative perceptions still prevail towards job seekers who chose a career in BPO; rather than pursuing a career bracketing their degree upbringing. Because of this, the infamous course mismatch happens.

Now, how do these professionals cope with contempt of the societal stigma?

The nation is engulfed with BPO hubs across the nation which catalyzed quick opportunities to fill-in the demands among annual graduates. The complexity of the industry sets a new paradigm standard on how a work-life balanced supposed to be like. Moreover, these young professionals are actually peering for a work position in order to sustain their leading-edge desires. A number of radical spirits aspire to build a career growth in a highly-cultured and united workplace. Ultimately, practicing the skills-sets using innovative tools while facing real-time challenges are some of the perks imaginable. And guess what, BPO falls as the denominator to all these work ambitions.

You’ve probably heard a lot of things about working in the BPO industry. Maybe you’ve seen your neighbor or friends casually strolling during unholy hours, heading their way to the “call center” company. Perhaps you’ve heard on the trite and uncalled-for cliches going around. Surfacing myths and misconceptions which have gone repetitive and fraudulent from those people who will never understand.

Some of them saying that the industry is nothing but cold and monotonous drudgery. A dead-end career for inferior-talents and other groundless fallacies, which instills gullible connotations to the society. Notwithstanding to all the allegations, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is still the most superior business sector that offers promising careers to skilled-proficient professionals.

Addressing the course mismatch, BPO companies, like Blueprint has established a holistic workplace where programs are created to help employees jumpstart a concrete career. The company’s stratagem is composed of feasible archetype where job seekers can work with their specific niche and course degree. Blueprint program is comprised of various staff types where one can fill-in a position and enjoy high-quality facilities and training. This proves that BPO has a wide array of operations which utilizes broad numbers of talent with various skills-set.

The complex market is changing from time to time. BPO is one of the business sectors that expands continuously, making its route unpredictable as the industry relies on technological variations. Securing a stable career in the industry is an excellent way to boost self-development. No matter how your careers shifts and job field undergoes, it is essential to gratify your inner desires, achieve personal goals and reach paramount potential for growth.