A workplace competition is a commonplace to every company. In fact, many industry leaders are fostering this type of notion as a catalyst for progression. To some critics, rigorous performance and superior results have become an inspiring touchstone to employees for healthy competition. On a side note, workplace competition is perceived as a corporate Hunger Games where colleagues are pit against each other which yields stress, anxiety, and inferiority.

The Veracity About Workplace Competition

Somehow, competition is a great parcel to fuel success in the operation. A nourishment for every employee to step up the game and learn new skills that haven’t discovered. Industries like Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) incorporates this notion of a championship to bolster its people, which is nothing new to their business culture. This kind of performance scheme is evident in the workplace as a form of evaluation standards, daily quota deliverables, or other competitive ranking systems. With this, business superiors gather critical assessment from its people as a benchmark of comparison.

When a worker outperforms its colleague in an orderly and productive manner, healthy competition takes place which benefits everybody. Strong work ethics and mutual respect are essential formulae to amplify such one. Competition is served as a motivation and pleasure engine which spurs out to accomplish better work. However, if the worker’s success becomes a bomb threat to his colleague, the red flag is raised and hostility is on as contention. And worst, if competition is rub in a wrong manner, a subsequent recession can take place as a result. Some workers may feel insecure and resort to flee away from the competitive workplace and seek for a greener pasture.

Unfortunately, people generally don’t get to choose whom to work with, unless if you bring friends with you on board and get hired, consequently. Harry Truman once said, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Truly, it is the major option to leave if you feel detrimental to the ‘toxic’ around you. However, friendship or companionship isn’t the first priority, why you applied for the job in the first place, I suppose. By means of this, lack of collegiality among comrades must be handled gracefully and just focus on professional pursuits to achieve personal victory.

For you, how will you handle competition? Read on and explore some insights on how to dance with radiance in a stiff workplace of prying colleagues.

  1. Accept the Challenge – Competition is pervasive. Whether you’re at school for an examination, sports competition or in a beauty pageant; competition is still the embodying framework. In the corporate world, no matter what career trajectory you penetrate, there will be always a competition that would tap on your shoulder. What needs to be done is to keep your composure guarded and embrace it as a culture.
  2. Push The Envelope – It’s a norm to get pressured by our combative comrade in the next station. We all thrive for the best results and mediocrity is not even in the picture. Benefit from the competition as a reinforcement and try to push yourself to hit a higher ground. Nonetheless, never consume too much load which is impossible for you to accomplish in a limited timeframe. Remember the cliche that quality should always come over quantity.
  3. Reinvent Yourself – Do you feel like you’re entering a warzone instead of an air-conditioned office? Are you burdened by all the eyes surveying you with vigilance? Buddy, it’s time for a change. You may not be entitled to win anyone’s approval, but a heartful reinvention is indispensable. Examine yourself and think of the ideas that can build your strength and personality. Buckle up, take the front seat, and have control for a fruitful vision.
  4. Assess Your Deliverables – A workforce is a vicinity with a wide spectrum of distinct talents. Although workforce is supposed to be treated as individual being, some superiors handle a team as if they have uniform interest and level of complexity at work. With this, the ones who deliver greater result will get the spotlight. If you think that you get simple tasks which paralyzed your ability to elevate, talk to your boss and ask for more complex assignments. This will help change the game and eventually get the recognition in the long run.
  5. Build Your Network – Collaboration can be challenging, especially if the trophy is meant for sole person only. Share common goals and insights on alliance and always do your part to develop absolute result. Engage in fun and exciting competition by being friendly and supportive. If things get heated in the middle of the stage, finish the game with dignity by claiming your fair share without discrediting the other one for his contribution.

Workplace competition should not be a bloodshed or tug of war. In that way, accomplishment will come as gratification rather than as a self-inflicting labor. Thus, competition must not alienate the employees in embracing such collaboration. Although it is normal to think about personal upmanship, the culture of camaraderie should be imperishable in the atmosphere. Another one is that a handful and smooth operation — fueled with healthy competition — can surge productivity and bonding that can thump in desired the revenue. Ultimately making it a foundation, not as an antithesis to the business objectives.